no answer by the french WTs to this letter (subliminal pictures)

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  • maisha

    Is that a Subliminal picture?


    it is a creepy hand that is NOT NORMAL part of the image inserted into a WTBS Art work.

    It is not a matter of asking is it there?

    You can SEE IT IS THERE

    The question is Why is it there!.

    YOU as JW's and exJw's should all be asking why is it and others such strange insertions there.

    It is part of the theory that the WTBS is controlled by the devil worshiping Illuminati.

    These symbols are inserted to show people whom is its master.

    Who is in control. Whom is in power behnd the scenes.

    It is not the GB. It is Not Jehovah.

    Take another look at that hand.

    Take another look at the evil expressions that are inserted into most of the WTBS images.

    You dont find them in other art works as much as you do in the WTBS art work.

    sorry if my spelling is screwed i cannot see the keyboard is dark...


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