Candace Conti's Sur-Reply is Very Effective

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  • cedars

    Diest, agreed - there are still a few more potential hurdles to jump through that could drag things out. However, it seems the appeal rebuttal is off to a flying start.


  • Diest

    The ruling from the court of appeals should be telling. I want to know about the duty of care issue. CA didnt have mandatory reporting back then, but then again the court always sees some duty of care for children.

  • iamwhoiam

    Yeah..but I think the society wont drag thier feet on the appeals process. they will go from one court to the next in a hurry since im pretty sure they dont want to pay all the interest they are accruing on the current damages.

    go candace and rick!!!


    Good point. I wonder what the daily interest is on $28m ???


  • NewChapter

    I think they would love to get this to the Supreme Court. They like to write about that in their literature. How Jehovah takes it to the highest court in the land and gives them a win so the preaching work can go on. OTOH, it is also an embarrassment and bad press for them. But that's just persecution, so it may work in their favor too.

  • NewChapter

    One concern I have is the court is stacked on the conservative side at the moment, and this ruling would effect all churches. I believe they would have a tendency to find in favor of religion---especially to protect the other churches. But then we never expected this victory, so it could work out.

  • notjustyet

    I think that I remember the interest being 10% per year. .1/ 365

    So daily it would be .0002739726 ( if my math is correct)

    So 28,000,000 would generate 7,671.23 dollars day, I could be wrong.


  • cedars

    NewChapter - regardless of the outcome of the appeal, I think you can bank on the Society publishing as little as possible about the case - if anything at all. After all, they don't want to raise any suspicions among publishers that they might have a problem in this area. It's in their interests to keep the rank and file completely in the dark and, if possible, pretend it never happened.


  • sir82
    How Jehovah takes it to the highest court in the land and gives them a win so the preaching work can go on.

    True, but this case has absolutely nothing to do with the preaching work. Nothing in it even suggests that JWs can't go door to door, or even that they can't worship as they see fit. All it is, is a punishment for gross negligence.

    About the only way they can spin it is that it is some sort of "Satanic persecution" designed to besmirch Jehovah's name or some such.

    But they dare not publicize it now, because there is the very real possibility, dare I hope likelihood, that all appeals will fail.

    If average JWs are watching, and appeal after appeal fails, it would tend to shake the rank & file's faith in the GB.

  • Gayle

    "Exonerated!" Remember, how the WTS loves to publicize that?!

    The WTS was not exonerated, but were released from prison on a technicality, about the judge handling the case.

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