Too much spiritual food? Too much faith?

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  • ianao


    LOL. I think you are right. I actually had more spelling mistakes then that, but I got tired of finding and correcting and finding and correcting. Spelling was never a strong suit for me. It's interesting how a person growing up around spell checkers becomes completely lapse in this area.

    You know what's funny? I've excelled over my Father though, as he was infamous for this one:

    "Hey, those guys went right up and attackted him."


    I think I'll install Word 2000 and get rid of these erm, im-bare-assing moments.

  • thinker

    I think this is the first time I've replied to one of your posts, but I could be wrong. I don't mind you quoting scripture. To me, that's what you're all about (no offense meant). You always make it clear that your opinions are BIBLE-BASED, not worldly science. You are usually very clear on opinion vs. scripture.
    However, when newbies come on and present blind-faith ideas as actual worldly fact, then it's only natural that thinking people will challenge them to back up their ideas. There is nothing wrong with opinions or blind-faith ideas, we all have them.. I'd just don't accept other people's as my own. For someone to insist that I do is rather arrogant, IMHO.


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