Is it common for old men to marry young JW?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm betting they were both hard up to find a marriage mate.

    Likely both weird JWs.


  • lurkernomore

    There's a couple in our no longer hall where an elder husband is a good 20 years older than the wife. Been married close to 20 years now aswell.

    More recently a friend of mine from another hall, same age as me, around 29/30 has married a woman old enough to be his mum. They seem very happy. It's interesting to note though that she was dfd a few years ago for sleeping with a 21 year old from the same hall!

    Also my wife is 3 years older than me, but that's just to make up for the higher life expentancy of women in the UK ;)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my born in ex wife was in her early forties when she married a chap in his late 60's. i think she wore him out though.

    but then i'm now 67 with a 44 year old future wife.

  • tiki
    it happens.....also the sometimes practically instantaneous remarriage of a widower to a young chick. Makes me wonder how much love there was in the ended marriage to be able to turn around, do a 180 so fast. Then there are those single women who are so desperate they'll go for anyone with a JW title and outdoor plumbing.
  • badcompany
    QB, You got it right. I've been married twice. I told my best friends and relatives to put a bullet in the back of my head if I ever bring a woman over announcing engagement.
  • brandnew
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Recently, I checked on an old friend and wondered if his dear Dad was still alive. So I checked past obituaries and yes, he had died, in fact only this past Dec. He was 103. There were photos of him at his 100th birthday party, in his wheel chair, with his much younger Phillipina wife dancing in front of him. In the photos he and everyone else, looked very happy.

    This fellow, "Ernie" lost his wife when she was 'just' 91 after 70 years of marriage.

    Good for him for finding another love. After his wife died, he sold the family home for 1.5 million US and moved into a smaller home that was easier for him to get around in.

    PS They were not baptized JW's. Some in the family did 'study' many decades ago.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    brandnew, with that hair she's lucky to have gotten a husband.
  • sowhatnow

    i have a real difficult time with a person marrying someone over ten years difference in age

    . for one thing 20 years to me borderlines on perverted, pedifile ,behavior, cradle robbing, ect. and a female who goes after such an older man is not only mentally unbalanced to me, they have daddy issues. or caretaker its just weird. i mean your 40 going after your daughters 20 yr old freind, ew . sorry.

    so that now when these ones who marry such a gap in age, are 60 and still having some energy left, they are caretakers for a senior citizen and their married life is over..

    why would anyone want such a generation gap?

    imo, older men who go after young women in the org are no better than all the other men in the world who chase young women to boost their

  • OnTheWayOut

    While I do get that it looks weird for JW elders (or governing body members) to go marrying someone a whole "generation" removed from them, I don't judge such things anymore. Everyone knows what they do it for. We all know why the old geezer would marry considerably younger and we typically know why the young lady does it. I am only disgusted when it seems forced on the lady, coming out of her high school years to "date" some elder/bethelite/connected JW guy who is somewhere between 30 and elderly. Parents will sometimes do this to the daughter they raised at home school who has only housewife-type skills and no good social skills and they think God will smile on them if they marry her off to that special brother so she can pioneer and make babies.

    But if she's an established adult, not starving as a pioneer or still living at home and itching to get the hell outta there, more power to the lady who snags a sugar daddy. (Keep in mind that JW standards for sugar daddy are usually just "employed" or drawing "social security") Taking care of a geezer is hard work and she will have to earn the inheritance.

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