What Should People Know About Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Dutchie

    I'd tell them about the sales meetings that are held every week and how we are trained to go from door to door to sell our books and magazines. I would also emphasize that this sales meeting is a part of our worship to God.

  • terafera

    Wow, you guys have some dissin' comebacks!!! (For those of you who dont understand, I meant they had good replies lol)

    I think if I was worldly (which I was born into the Org), I would imagine I celebrated all holidays from birth, had no objections to blood transfusions, etc. I guess if I heard they didnt celebrate holidays, denied blood transfusions and shunned family members for wrongdoing.. that would freak me out. Sad thing is though, it was fed to me as a child and it made sense then!

    The second question, I think, was asked to non jws, right? If so, I would say that every person going in should know they have a chance of being shunned for their mistakes, they may have to die for their beliefs and how much is expected of them (monthly field service, talks, etc.)

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Safekids, lack of genuine emotions, feelings. Robots are without feelings.

    Guest 77

  • 2SYN

    That UN website is quite damning, thanks ANewPerson!

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  • chester

    I think that people should know that they are really just a publishing company. Their main goal is to Sell books.

  • metatron

    You go, Scully!

    This issue zeros in on the essential character of deception
    found in the Watchtower subculture.

    If the Society doesn't believe in 'Theocratic War Strategy'
    let them publically repudiate it.


  • Englishman


    Normal people find shunning to be probably the most disgusting belief of JW's.

    As I have said before, there ain't no martyr factor in cutting off your loved one's!


  • pandora

    I have to agree with terafera. Of everyone I've ever talked to about it, the shunning is the most widely gasped at. I think if people knew how exclusive the religion is, they might be pre-conditioned to say no. And these people should be told the bare bones of it before the religion sugar coats it. Let's face it, by the time you are told you can't talk to your family, you completely agree.
    And the "No blood" issue sounds radical to those who have never had an experience with JW's. It is likened to the religion that doesn't allow medical treatment at all.
    So for the person who doesn't have any experience with JW's, The most radical views are the best to tell them about.
    Shunning and no blood. Definately the best points to push.

  • Scully

    hi metatron:

    here's another one I did "borrowing" an image from our friends at www.watchtower.org

    I agree with you that the WTS should be forced to publically get around this doctrine. They use it in the court system, they use it in the press, they use it on unsuspecting people in the door-to-door work. They even use it on their own congregations, as evidenced in the UN-NGO issue. Public confrontations about Theocratic War Strategy, by individual householders to individual JWs is going to cause a huge case of cognitive dissonance within the ranks, imo.

    Love, Scully

  • pandora

    The article about the man who saved his daughter's life and is now being shunned by his family would prove the point about shunning and the no blood policy. And no one could claim that it is made up or biased. It was a news article.
    Just a thought.

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