"Your bad attitude is evident, because you don't bring a meeting bag to the meetings anymore!"

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  • brandnew
    @stuckinarut.....classic.....good 1

    Yes friends.....this is the comment said to me by an elder!

    "Your bad attitude is evident because you don't bring your meeting bag anymore!"


    My WBT$ JW Reputation Is In This Brief Case..

    .......................WANNA SEE IT??!..

    ...............Image result for businessman with brief case

  • sowhatnow

    wow, what area are you from? here where i live, the cong my mom goes to is all about the tablets, she barely carries a book bag anymore she was asking me where she can get a little purse to hold her tablet! years ago when i was still going out in sqirmish, I carried my purse, in it i put three magazines a few tracts and my bible in my hand and not a single person ever said a word to me.[

    of course it was a 'fruitful' day if one person was home and took a magazine]

    so these people who are making comments about book bags must be old , lol and clueless to the fact that people are not impressed by the amount of junk that someone carries around and cant use.

    rules & regulations If I was there and heard that aid to you, lol, Id have certainly voiced my opinion, using scriptures, lol. and that would have been the end of it. [i know from experience how to end something]

    all in agreement? worldwide harmony amongst the jws? I think not.

    gosh what next.

  • brandnew
    Having tablets legal at meetings is so cool, .....all ya gotta do is sit between two elderly elders and play pac-man ....and they both will totally think your lookin up scriptures, n stuff..

    LOL!!! Here's what you do.. Get a new briefcase and get some nice foam. Cut a small area the hold your tablet. Then show the Eldub your new meeting case!


  • freemindfade

    Could their be more blatant evidence that witnesses are the modern day version of the nt pharisese???

    Tell him your dick isn't small like his so you don't need to compensate with a giant brief case. Fml

  • ToesUp

    What a "loving" organization! Can't you just feel the love?

  • JeffT
    I was once criticized because my field service book bag was not heavy enough

    I wish some one had said something like that to me toward the end of my time in the Borg. I worked in a lab, I could have borrowed a 25 pound lead brick to drop in the bag. That would have given whoever picked up something to think about.

  • HeyThere

    Ok, seriously....wtf? So many strange and completely unscriptural rules in this cult.

    Next meeting, drag in one of the large rolling suitcases with nothing but your tablet in it. Sit right by him and make an exaggerated effort of unzipping and locating your tablet.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Tell him your dick isn't small like his so you don't need to compensate with a giant brief case

    LOL. He must be overcompensating for something. Maybe "secret sins"?


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