What Charitable Orgs. are you involved with?

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  • Pathofthorns

    This subject was always one that bothered me. Every article written in the publications is anti-charitable organization, I believe because it diverts funds that could be going to the WTBS.

    I do think that because we avail ourselves of the benefits of research from things like cancer or heart societies etc. that it is something to consider giving to them if one is able to.

    But I also think that the best spirit in giving is that which is done for the right reasons and in secret. And that is where I believe this thread falls short in that it almost makes giving "fashionable" instead of "charitable".


  • larc

    Well Path,

    I know what Jesus said about not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing, but I think the replies gave me a sense of what causes are important to the folks. Someone commented on giving to people who can't give back. Heck, I've been doing that for more than 35 years with my children!

    Over the years, I've given to the United Way, and, hehehe, given my demon possessed cloths to Goodwill, but seriously folks, I would like to do something physical, like work at a Food Bank for the poor. Haven't done it yet, thought about it.

  • joel

    World Vision

    Union Rescue Mission

    LA Mission

    Red Cross

    St. Vincent's Meals on Wheels

    MS Society



  • mommy

    Heehee:) My thoughts excactly, that basically is what I wrote before, I edited.
    I LOVE to do secret stuff for people, then tell noone! I feel it cancels it out, to brag about it. But after reading these posts, I see it is a good idea to list. So we all can see which org. accept volanteries(sp?)

  • LDH


    heh-heh most families could LIVE on our tax payments, so you and I may be in the same boat.

    But, if someone feels their money would be wasted by giving to an org like ASPCA or something, how about donating TIME? Try sitting on a Board of Directors for a local charity, you will see that indeed it does cost money to make the wheel turn, but in my experience, people that work for Non-Profits in a paid capacity are earning about half of what their peers in a commercial job earn. They really do it because they beleive in helping their fellow man.

    There is a religious college near me, (pretty famous), and you can get your MA in Theology, or whatever, but the entire focus of the school is WHAT CAN YOU GIVE BACK? Most of these people pursue low-paying careers in helping the less fortunate.

    I don't think any of us ever heard about these people in a WT or A, but I'm telling you they ARE out there and not all of them are rip-offs!

    Path, I apologize if you got the impression from my postings, (or others) that I/we are giving because it is 'fashionable.' But I can tell you, all of my life my family has been OVERLY generous, but till now it had been mostly directed at 'giving to the CO' or 'giving to a pioneer'. I'm not interested in that, I'm interested in helping people who don't have the skills to help themselves. If a perfectly employable couple wants to travel around doing missionary work (esp. in this country) I say let 'em support themselves.

    I'd rather give to victims of abuse, who don't have the tools to help themselves. That's all.

  • mommy

    I worked in a soup kitchen for about 1 year. I delivered the food as well. It was a great joy, and since I brought the kids along, I hope I taught them a lesson about giving to. I went through a local church, even though I didn't attend. So you might want to check around at area churches, they don't mind if you aren't a member.

  • LDH

    btt for AGuest and someone else, I can't remember who.


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