Was Charles T. Russell Baptised?

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  • VM44

    I have never read in the watchtower publications any
    indication that Charles T. Russell was baptised!

    In everything that I have read about CTR, no year of
    baptisim is ever given, so one would wonder if he was
    ever baptised at all.

    This would be an interesting fact to bring up when talking
    to JWs.


  • Amazing

    He was raised a Congregationalist ... and may have been baptized there. Most of the original JW leaders and JWs (as Bible Students) counted their original baptism before joining the Watchtower ... and I believe that Fred Franz was never baptized a JW either ... all these counted their original "Christendom" baptism. Spooky isn't it.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Can someone baptize themself (grammar?)

  • VM44

    Hi Amazing,

    No wonder the Watchtower does not mention anything about
    Russell being baptised! If CTR was indeed baptised as a
    Congregationalist, and if he felt no need to be baptised again
    after leaving his former religious affiliations, then why do
    people now have to baptised again when they become a witness?

    Actually, the answer is obvious, today the WT considers
    baptisim as the formal and legal arrangement by which people join
    the membership of Jehovah's Witnesses. The members of which are then
    obliged to follow and believe without question every doctrine put
    forth by the controlling rulers in Brooklyn!

    Baptisim is the basis for control over the people!

    To Will Power,

    I think "self baptism" is not allowed, even Jesus had John baptised
    him in the Jordan river.


  • Satanus


    Namaan baptized himself, but he had to do it seven times.


    Who baptised john? If he wasn't baptised, how could he be qualified to do it to others?


  • VM44


    That is a good question!


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Was Jesus Baptized in the Name of the Father, THE SON, and the Holy Spirit?

    Paul said people were thinking they were baptized in the name of the one baptizing them & corrected it!

    So think twice next time someone wants to call it "Baptism" but do it in the name of an organization. That sounds closer to an "INITIATION"
    and we've all heard the hazing stories of that group!

  • LittleToe

    I've been wondering about that one recently, as well as the precedent for baptism, generally.
    I can only put it down to the priestly practice of bathing before the atonement sacrifice.
    John's dad was a priest (Luke 1).
    Just a thought

  • Celtic

    Good question!!

    I too have never heard of nor seen any evidence presented of CTR being baptised, this point is quite fundamental I believe.



  • RR

    Apparently, you guys have nothing better to do with your time now that you no longer go to the hall or out in field service.

    YES .... Charles Taze Russell was baptized. In 1874 along with his Father, Jospeh and sister, Margaret. It is reported in the 1907 Convention Reports. During the "Praise and Testimont meeting" Margaret Russell Land, testified.

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