2015 Convention Reminders Video!

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  • snugglebunny

    So they still have this unhealthy obsession with what people should wear!

    It's nuts. Back in the day they went bananas with the advent of the mini skirt. The young teen girls in our congregation would leave for school suitably skirted well below the knee. Once away from home, they'd roll up the waist band to display a fair amount of bare thigh so as not to be looked upon as somehow freakish.

    Who could blame them?

  • Dagney
  • ToesUp
    We attend a lot of concerts (big venues) in a large city. It's amazing that we make it to the building and back without a 6 minute cartoon video reminding us how to do it. It was like watching a video for a 5 year olds. So lets get this straight, JW's need to be reminded not to be rude (hmmm!). They are the rudest/pushiest bunch of people on the face to the earth. If you don't believe it, volunteer to be an attendant at a assembly.
  • StephaneLaliberte

    I agree that it is a high control group, that it does destroy families and that provides a loop hole for child abusers... This forums has plenty of legitimate subjects that are harmful to the Watchtower. I simply do not see anything wrong with this video.

    JW visitors to this site will simply see the "Apostates" as complaining about everything and anything and this will reduce the impact of our complaints concerning truely legitimate subjects as you hilited.

  • StephaneLaliberte


    with that logic, absolutely anything done by the JW should be condemned as they are a cult. On of the main reason I have left the JW was because they used to take things in bulk and call it evil. Everything from the world, even birthdays are bad.

  • _Morpheus
    I dont find anything objectionable in and of itself but as others have noted, its telling that year after year people have to told to act christian at christian assemblies.....its almost as if being at FIVE MEETINGS A WEEK AND FIELD SERVE US ISNT ENOUGH!
  • StephaneLaliberte

    Toes up, I did vonlonteer planty at the conventions and yes, many are indeed self entitled a-holes, but believe me, the easiest way to put them in line for me was: So, which congregation are you from my loving brother?

    You would feel their fear growing on them and do what ever you told them. As for elders, I sometimes pretended that I reported straight to the CO. It was like a magic wand.

    In the end, no matter where you go, humans are humans and their Spiritual Paradise is non-existant.

    That being said, does it mean it is a bad thing to make this video? I think not, I actually think that is a good thing. As for its infantile approach, well, if you are the type to push an old lady, you are obviously a retard and need to be talked to like a retard. This video is for these retards. The rest of the group can enjoy the break.

  • Gentledawn

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