A thread for those who have no support system or a place to go due to shunning.

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    Great thread, thoughts, Ohio. The recent thread about the poor child who committed suicide stirred a lot of hearts, i think.



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    Great link. HUD has a lot of programs. I attended a HUD seminar a long time ago. The manuals and programs are many...the sized of a NYC phonebook. However some private investors actually become rich GIVING AWAY discounted lodging. The programs change constantly, but when I looked into it...

    A suitable apartment, hotel etc is located, and is bought with Government money with the promise that for the next 15 years it will remain low income housing. Repair and update money is provided at almost 0% by the government. The future "tenants" are provided "vouchers" for discounted apartments or homes. Many landlords (profit or non profit groups or religions) "HELP" friends, members etc to qualify for this aid and get ...say a $600 a month apartment for $200 using the voucher. The government makes up the difference, in this case $400 per month.

    The landlord gets full bore rent, and a property purchased and maintained for almost zero $$ in the game. However it requires A LOT of bookeeping and knowledge. The building had to remain in the program for 15 years when I looked into it ..that means no changing of one's mind.

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    So many giving hearts onboard --- you are special, Ohio.

    I know there are programs in various cities that offer assistance to teens on the streets/homeless. Some charitable orgs. contribute generously to this cause .

  • irondork

    This is an awesome idea, OC. I could have used something like this when I was a kid.

    After my disfellowshippment I was kicked out and lived in my car for awhile. The first three days I went and parked up on one of my favorite mountains that overlooked my town in Idaho. Parked right next to a cliff that dropped off several hundred feet. For three days I wondered if 400 feet was enough to do the job.

    My question is, how do we let people people know about such a support system, especially young people who have been kicked out without any computer access? It never occured to me that there were resources available to me as a teen in that situation. That kind of information is hard to get into the hands of IN Jehovah's Witnesses. Even harder to get it to them in the flurry of disfellowshipment and being kicked out of the house.

  • Balaamsass

    Any updates?


    Hey OhioCowboy. What an incredible thread.

    As you know, I don't come on here that often, but I will scan the Active Topics to see what's shaking.

    What a pleasant surprise. That is very unselfish and extremely kind of you and your partner to offer such trust.

    It can be a brutal existence post-JW disfellowshipping.

    I hope anyone reading this that is in a horrible bind will take some of these words and offers to heart. Yes, it's embarrassing, but these people DO understand.

    Belbab: glad to read that you did receive an e-mail from this individual and they were not a Watchtower mole. Trust is a key factor despite some very kind individuals who have been taken advantage of previously.

    Hopefully, the legitimate ones get through and find solace in a 'safe place'.

    Nice post OhioCowboy.

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