A thread for those who have no support system or a place to go due to shunning.

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  • belbab

    I want to tell you a bit of history on JWD. About six years ago there was a poster on this board called Trojan. I find his name and posts, but cannot find the posts that relate to this story. (Posts only seem to go back four years.) I remember he posted that he was in Bethel. He wanted to escape from his situation. His wife was non- supporting. There was quite a discussion on the board that this was a scam, that this person was looking for a handout or something similar.

    I was not going to take the chance that this was a not a genuine call for help, so I replied either with pm or on the thread. Every one posting on the thread, including myself, thought that this poster was in Bethel, New York. I told him I would help him, pay his fare across the country, provide him with shelter and even provide him with a job to support himself.

    Suddenly, there were no more threads posted by Trojan.

    About a year ago, September 6, 2011, I received the following email.:

    I sincerely wanted to thank you for your kind words and practical
    help.....5 years ago, but it
    was worth it. I often thought about your kindness. I appreciate that
    there are people like
    you "out there"…………..

    NEVER forget that you even offered me a job......)

    Big hug and Greetings from xxxxxx


    Also, he was not from Bethel in New York, he was at a Branch Bethel, situated in one of the central American countries.

    He still posts on this board, but under a different name.

    Ohio Cowboy, I too, have thought about a similar project and I appreciate your efforts as well as the other posters on this thread.

    To be continued in following posts.


  • Balaamsass


    Perhaps there is even a way to do this for FREE. A JW in San Diego has figured a way to have US Housing and Urban Development PAY him to open low income housing for retired circuit Overseers....and make a profit.

    It would be awsome to open a facility to provide low income housing (near a college preferably) for anyone leaving the Borg. Think of all the good it would do, and lives it would save.

    Great idea from a good heart Ohio Cowboy!!

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo


    This is a great gesture! As time goes on (especially with younger people) who are coming to grips with the real truth about the WTBS, it's going to be very difficult for some...even to the point of having suicidal thoughts...

    I'm not in a position to host anyone, because I only have a room, but if anyone needs someone to talk to, or clothing, basic necessities, I'll try to chip in.

    Kool Jo

  • clarity

    Belbab ... you are a good man

    Thanks for posting your experience ... sometime we are quick to

    make judgements ... nice to know that most people are honest!

    Blindnomore ...thank you for your caring ... I add that I was not a jw child,

    just one who had disinterested parents who figured 15 was old enough and got the boot!

    I really did think that I had to figure it all out on my own, and I'm pretty sure

    that a shunned jw kid would think the same!


  • flipper

    If any who are being shunned or need support due to mistreatment from Jehovah's Witnesses and need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to call me or my wife. If you PM me your phone number I'd be happy to chat sometime with you. Been through lots of shunning and emotional, psychological abuse from JW's myself after exiting - yet I've educated myself in how to deal with life post JW involvement. I'm certainly not a licsenced psychologist, but I am a concerned person offering unconditional friendship as a person who has been there with no one to turn to. As Ohio Cowboy states please realize you have a place to turn or friends to talk to. Kudos to you and your partner Ohio Cowboy for opening up your hearts and opening up this discussion. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Aware!

    I was thinking of a website with all the cities listed of those who can offer/volunteer a room. The person seeking refuge could fill out a form (or call) and he/she would be contacted back ASAP with more information. The idea of having a volunteer-run hotline is a must. I don't know how much it costs to build a website, but ads could be placed to help support maintenance costs.

  • mamochan13

    OhioCowboy, thanks for starting this thread. Over the past few days I've been thinking about all the suggestions everyone here has made, all the ideas for ways to help. And I decided that privacy and trying to stay below the radar is less important than putting a name to this and maybe finally finding a way to help all those vulnerable young people who are being destroyed by JW shunning. So her name is Jaimie. A beautiful little girl, gone far too soon, a victim of evil religious dogma.

    I think a Facebook page would be a wonderful way to start, and maybe build from there. A link to a database of people who are willing to offer a room or anything in need. It would have to be done carefully, as there are people who will take advantage, of course.

    I believe it's also important to really keep things low key when it comes to promoting any anti-JW sentiment. I know when I was DF'd I still believed all the propaganda and would have never accepted help from a perceived apostate. I even had trouble talking with psychologists because I thought I was bringing "reproach upon Jehovah" by telling them the truth about shunning and other stuff. Each time the psychologists would express shock and outrage I would start to defend the religion. So it's a fine line. I would suggest a help page needs to be simply that. "been DF'd (or shunned) and feeling alone? We care and are willing to help you get through this, no matter what has brought you here and where you choose to go afterwards." It is support and help, nothing more.

  • Dogpatch

    I have a sight of the best volunteers possible to help Jehovah's Witnesses who want to contact them privately.

    It is www.watchtowerworld.org .


    These are the movers and shakers who started the whole ex-JW movement, they are mostly retired, and can't wait to talk to a JW or an x-JW who needs help and privacy.

    Click on "Gallery"



  • Dogpatch

    Soon 13seconds.org will be a subsite on freeminds.org and is designed to be "a place to go" and will have several forums, free blogs, 2 contests a month for writing and vlogging and lots of variety, much of which will be designed for the younger crowd.

    Working on it!


  • jamiebowers

    Balaamsass, is this what you're talking about? http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/topics/grants

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