The imperfect Jello mold

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  • rebel8

    How could there even be such a thing as perfection? I can't wrap my head around such a concept.

    I remember as a kid the dubs trying to explain their Original Sin doctrine as follows with one of their inane "illustrations":

    Adam/Eve born perfect in every way. They chose to sin. Sin caused actual harm to their bodies, meaning they could now get injured and sick. When they had children, they now could only pass on their flawed genes to the kids.

    This is exactly the same as making Jello in a mold. If your mold has a dent, all Jello you make from the mold will have the dent unless you fix the dent.

    Well no it's not. Grandchildren are copies of their parents, not of their grandparents.

    Furthermore, human beings aren't made in a mold or anything like that. A more apt illustration is making Jello in a bathtub. Each batch will have similarities and differences. They might be a similar color and flavor, but they won't be the same shape. Genes can mutate, all genes are not inherited--unlike making Jello in the same mold each time, with the same measured, weighed packet of Jello mix.

    And Jello is disgusting anyway. Especially with sour cream and nuts mixed in.

  • FlyingHighNow
  • james_woods

    Why would making jello in a bathtub be different from making jello in a mold? The bathtub is just bigger, that is all.

  • Diest

    James I think she is saying there are lots of bath tub shapes and sizes...but I am not sure.

  • james_woods

    Well, there are lots of different sizes and shapes of jelly molds too - I just don't get it.

  • FlyingHighNow

    The whole point of the dented jello mold or loaf pan illustration is this: imperfect genes and DNA produce imperfect genes and DNA.

  • james_woods

    Even so-called "perfect" DNA would still be degraded by natural radiation.

  • rebel8

    I'm saying you make it without a mold and it comes out in all different shapes. Imagine pouring 1 batch of Jello in a bathtub to firm up. It would never come out exactly the same shape because it wouldn't have walls to contend with. If you poured the same amount of Jello in a mold, it would have walls and come out in the shape of the mold.

    Another bad illustration, I guess. My point is the womb is not a mold and the process of making human beings is nothing like replicating Jello in the same mold.

  • notjustyet

    "Even so-called "perfect" DNA would still be degraded by natural radiation."

    And they will say, Jah would have kept it clean while they were in good standing, OR when the water "can o pee" fell the radiation increaed, before that they would have been safe.

    They always have a out, even if it does not make sense.


  • WTWizard

    I heard the dented bread pan. No matter--can I make a loaf of bread from a pan cast from another loaf of bread? And even if I could cast another pan, what if I fill in the dent with sawdust before casting the next pan? That would remove the dent from that pan. Also, I could remove the dent from the pan in about the same time it took to create the original dent in the first place, usually with a good push on the inside of where the dent is. Problem solved.

    And what's the problem with a slightly dented loaf of bread? If the dent is from the outside, the bread will be slightly lighter because the dent occupies space where bread dough would have been. If it's from the inside, it will be slightly heavier because the bread occupies slightly more volume. However, once you eat the bread, it does the same thing as undented bread. And I have seen loaves of bread that came out of the pan perfect and were dented because of bad handling, compressing it slightly. Still no harm done.

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