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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 08-19-2012 WT Study (JUNE 15, 2012, pages 20-24)(SERVICE)

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    “My own mouth will recount your

    righteousness, all day long your

    salvation.”—PS. 71:15.



    Page 20---10 year old girl being baptized!!

    Page 21 —Noah looks pretty young for even for a 600 year old man

    Page 24 —5 pioneers

    Old white man

    Young Asian man

    3 young women, one black

    Any single parents

    Any married to non-jws with 3 children

    Any elders with family

    The underlining and bolded words are mine in this article.


    What factors determined the life

    course of Noah, Moses, Jeremiah,

    and Paul?

    What evaluation on your part will

    determine how you use your life?

    Why are you determined to put

    Jehovah’s service first?


    1, 2. (a) What is indicated by a person’s dedicating himself

    to Jehovah? (b) How can we profit by considering the choices

    made by Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, and Paul?

    WHEN you become a dedicated and baptized

    follower of Jesus , you take a very

    serious step. Your dedication to God is

    the most serious decision that you as an individual

    can make. It is as if you are saying: ‘Jehovah, I want

    you to be my Master in every aspect of my life. I am

    your servant. I want you to determine how I should

    spend my time, what my priorities should be, and

    how I should use my resources and talents.’


    Dedicated and baptized follower of Jesus—what happened to Jehovah’s witness?

    Does God decide or the WTS?

    2 If you are a dedicated Christian, this is basically

    what you promised Jehovah. You are to be commended

    for your decision; it was the right and wise

    thing to do. What, though, does your recognizing Jehovah

    as your Master imply as to the way you use

    your time? The examples of Noah, Moses, Jeremiah,

    and the apostle Paul can help us to examine that

    question. Each of them was a whole-souled servant

    of Jehovah. Our situation is similar to theirs. The decisions

    they made with regard to their principal pursuits

    can encourage us to examine how we are using

    our time.—Matt. 28:19, 20; 2 Tim. 3:1.


    Dedicated Christian—only jws though, the rest are so-called Christians

    *** w58 4/1 p.206***

    Multitudes there are who apply to themselves the name of Christian and who undergo sufferings and trials throughout life, entertaining the stubborn belief that they are suffering undeservedly. Some are always so busily engaged in reforming others or giving them expert advice that they never have time to consider and correct their own glaring follies. How horrified they are when the unvarnished charge of being busybodies in other people’s matters is leveled against them!

    Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Paul….all men, 3 OT, 1 NT, 3 non-Christians, no women?

    Whole-souled servant of Jehovah—what happened to Jesus, out of the picture by the second paragraph

    (Romans 15:16) for me to be a public servant of Christ Jesus to the nations, engaging in the holy work of the good news of God, . . .


    3. How are our days similar to those of Noah?

    3 Jesus drew a parallel between Noah’s time and

    ours. “Just as the days of Noah were, so the presence

    of the Son of man will be,” he said. They were

    “eating and drinking, men marrying and women being

    given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered

    into the ark; and they took no note until the

    flood came and swept them all away.” (Matt. 24:37-

    39) Most of mankind today go about

    their lives heedless of the urgency of

    our times. They take no note of the

    warnings that God’s servants proclaim.

    Many even deride the idea of God’s intervening

    in human affairs—as people

    did in Noah’s day. (2 Pet. 3:3-7) Yet, in

    that hostile environment, how did Noah

    use his time?


    Women GIVEN in marriage, that’s because they are considered property in the bible, husbands are called “owners”

    Took no note—how much note? If the WTS never preaches to the individual, how can they take note?

    *** w00 1/15 p.13 par.17***

    Nevertheless, the Bible does not state that Jehovah will wait until every individual on earth has received a personal witness. Rather, the good news must be preached to Jehovah’s satisfaction. Then the end will come.—Compare Matthew 10:23.

    God’s servants proclaim—the end in 1914, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1940’s, 1975, 1984, 1994?

    Took no note = note means becoming a baptized jw…………

    God’s servants = only jws

    4. How did Noah use his time after receiving

    his commission from Jehovah, and why?

    4 After being informed of God’s intentions

    and receiving his commission,

    Noah built an ark to preserve men and

    animals alive. (Gen. 6:13, 14, 22) Noah

    also proclaimed Jehovah’s impending

    judgment. The apostle Peter calls him

    “a preacher of righteousness,” indicating

    that Noah strove to help his neighbors

    appreciate the gravity of their situation.

    (Read 2 Peter 2:5.) Do you think

    that it would have been reasonable for

    Noah and his family to focus their efforts

    on developing a business, getting

    ahead among their contemporaries, or

    establishing a comfortable lifestyle? Of

    course not! Knowing what lay ahead,

    they avoided such distractions.


    How many years did Noah know of impending….

    *** it-2 p.507 Noah***

    Accordingly his days shall amount to a hundred and twenty years.” (Ge 6:3) Evidently these words were spoken to Noah. About 20 years after that, Noah’s first son (probably Japheth) was born (2470 B.C.E.), and the record shows that another son, Shem, was born two years later. The time of Ham’s birth is not stated, but these three sons were grown and married when the divine instructions were given to Noah to build an ark. Consequently, it is likely that only 40 or 50 years then remained before the Deluge. (Ge 6:13-18)

    Impending for the WTS = 1876 to 2012 = 136 years, 16 years past 120


    5, 6. (a) The education Moses received was

    likely meant to prepare him for what? (b) Why

    did Moses shun the possibilities offered to him

    in Egypt?

    5 Next, let us look at the example of

    Moses. He was raised in an Egyptian

    palace as the adopted son of Pharaoh’s

    daughter. As a young prince, he was educated

    “in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.”

    (Acts 7:22; Ex. 2:9, 10) This education

    was likely intended to prepare

    him for a career in Pharaoh’s court. He

    could have become prominent in the

    most powerful government of the day,

    having the luxuries, privileges, and

    pleasures that such a position would afford

    him. But was enjoyment of these

    things Moses’ objective?


    So where the WTS is telling jws to avoid a career in the world, Moses was allowed to do so? He was 40 when he killed the Egyptian….why so long

    LIKELY = the WTS adds to the bible….revelation from God?

    6 Because of the training that he received

    from his real parents early in

    life, Moses likely knew what Jehovah

    had promised his ancestors Abraham,

    Isaac, and Jacob. Moses exercised

    faith in those promises. He must have

    thought carefully about his future and

    his loyalty to Jehovah. So when the time

    came to choose between being an Egyptian

    prince or an Israelite slave, what

    did he decide? Moses chose “to be ill treated

    with the people of God rather

    than to have the temporary enjoyment

    of sin.” (Read Hebrews 11:24-26.) Later,

    he followed Jehovah’s guidance regarding

    how he should use his life. (Ex.

    3:2, 6-10) Why did Moses do that? Because

    he believed God’s promises. He

    concluded that there was no future for

    him in Egypt. Indeed, that nation was

    soon thereafter crushed by ten plagues

    from God. Do you see the lesson in this

    for those dedicated to Jehovah today?

    People gave no heed to Noah’s warning

    Rather than focusing on a career or any

    pleasures of this system of things , our

    focus must be on Jehovah and his service.


    Training – as a young child, not a pre-teen or teenager

    *** g04 4/8 p.6***

    And since children in ancient times were often breast-fed for several years, Jochebed had ample opportunity to teach Moses about ‘the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.’ (Exodus 3:6)

    LIKELY, MUST HAVE – adding to the bible again

    Moses killed a man at 40 and ran away for 40 more years

    Moses focused on a career for 40 years despite the so-called training by his parents the first 5 years of his life.

    Of course, Moses believed; would you have believed if you saw this?

    (Exodus 3:2, 3) . . .Then Jehovah’s angel appeared to him in a flame of fire in the midst of a thornbush. As he kept looking, why, here the thornbush was burning with the fire and yet the thornbush was not consumed. 3 At this Moses said: “Let me just turn aside that I may inspect this great phenomenon, as to why the thornbush is not burnt up.”


    7. How was Jeremiah’s situation similar to


    7 Another man who put Jehovah’s

    service first was the prophet Jeremiah.

    Jehovah commissioned Jeremiah as his

    prophet to preach a message of judgment

    on apostate Jerusalem and Judah.

    In a sense, Jeremiah lived “in the final

    part of the days.” (Jer. 23:19, 20) He

    knew perfectly well that the system in

    which he lived would not continue as it



    IN A SENSE = so there have been fulfillments before this time period?

    How did Jeremiah KNOW PERFECTLY WELL; did he have dim light like the WTS has provided the end coming in 1914, 1915, 1925, 1940’s, 1975, until the end of the generation of 1914 teaching in 1995.

    8, 9. (a) Why did Baruch’s thinking need to be

    corrected? (b) What should we have in mind

    when making plans?

    8 What was the logical consequence

    of Jeremiah’s convictions? He did not

    try to build a future in that doomed system.

    What sense would there be in doing

    so? However, for a time Jeremiah’s

    secretary, Baruch, did not see things

    clearly. So God inspired Jeremiah to

    tell his secretary: “Look! What I have

    built up I am tearing down, and what

    I have planted I am uprooting, even all

    the land itself. But as for you, you keep

    seeking great things for yourself. Do not

    keep on seeking. For here I am bringing

    in a calamity upon all flesh, . . . and I

    will give you your soul as a spoil in all

    the places to which you may go.”—Jer.

    45:4, 5.


    If Jeremiah was not try to build a future in that doomed system, why did he buy property? Oh that’s right, he said God told him to do it.

    9 We cannot be sure what “great

    things” Baruch was seeking for himself.*

    We do know, though, that they

    were things with no future, things that

    would end when the Babylonians conquered

    Jerusalem in 607 B.C.E. Do you

    see in that a lesson for us? Obtaining

    life’s necessities requires that we make

    some plans for the future. (Prov. 6:6-11)

    But how wise would it be to invest a

    lot of time and energy in pursuits that

    are not of lasting value? Granted, Jehovah’s

    organization continues to plan for

    new Kingdom Halls, branch facilities,

    and other theocratic projects. These endeavors,

    however, do have a future

    because their objective is that of promoting

    Kingdom interests. It would be

    appropriate for all of Jehovah’s dedicated

    people to set similar priorities when

    they make plans. Are you convinced in

    your heart that you are “seeking first

    the kingdom and [Jehovah’s] righteousness”?—

    Matt. 6:33.

    **See God’s Word for Us Through Jeremiah, pages


    587 or 607 BCE?

    *** w11 6/15 p.30***

    What were the “great things” that Baruch kept seeking? He may have been tempted to make a name for himself in the Jewish system of things. Or the great things could have beenmaterial prosperity. In any case, he had lost sight of the more important things, those having spiritual value. (Phil. 1:10)

    *** w08 4/15 p.15***

    It may be that Baruch wanted to make a better life for himself materially. Jehovah noted this and kindly warned Baruch not to keep seeking “great things” for himself. Baruch proved to be humble and wise, for he listened to Jehovah and survived the destruction of Jerusalem. (Jer. 45:2-5) On the other hand, Baruch’s contemporaries who did acquire “great things” materially, putting Jehovah in the background, soon lost all at the hands of the Chaldeans (Babylonians). Many also lost their lives. (2 Chron. 36:15-18) Baruch’s experience helps us to see that a good relationship with God is much more important than wealth and prominence in this world.

    *** w06 8/15 p.18***

    Jehovah did not specify what these “great things” were, but Baruch must have known whether they were selfish ambitions, prominence, or material prosperity.

    So what does the WTS define as LIFE’S NECESSITIES? Are any of them of “lasting value”? How does God provide, why do some jws starve?

    *** w08 9/15p.11 par.17***

    If we seek God’s Kingdom first in our life and are willing to work for a living, we can count on Jehovah to help us to obtain life’s necessities.

    *** g88 4/22 p.7***

    Content With Essentials for Life




    The above are essentials . You need them to be happy. As the Bible says: “So, having sustenance and covering, we shall be content with these things.” You really do not need any more. “For we have brought nothing into the world, and neither can we carry anything out.”—1 Timothy 6:7, 8.

    Build a KH more important that providing a home for jws living on the street or their car or unable to afford basic health care or clean water?


    10, 11. (a) On what had Paul centered his efforts

    prior to becoming a Christian? (b) Why

    did Paul’s objective change completely?

    10 Finally, let us consider the example

    of Paul. Before his conversion to

    Christianity, he had what seemed to be

    a promising future. He had studied Jewish

    law with one of the most famous

    teachers of his day. He had received authority

    from the Jewish high priest. And

    he was making greater progress in Judaism

    than were many of his contemporaries.

    (Acts 9:1, 2; 22:3; 26:10; Gal.

    1:13, 14) Yet, all of that changed when

    Paul realized that Jehovah was no longer

    blessing the Jews as a nation.


    Remember Paul had a vision of Jesus; have any jws said they have?

    So Paul had what the world offered, and gave it up; do you know of jws that have degrees, big homes, cars, businesses, etc., and have they given them up?

    I know of at least 30 jws that came in as adults that have given none of that up and many elders “worship” at their feet and give “breaks” to their family members.

    11 Paul recognized that a career in

    the Jewish system had no value from

    Jehovah’s point of view; it had no future.

    (Matt. 24:2) This former Pharisee

    went so far as to say that compared

    with his new, enlightened understanding

    of God’s purposes and the privilege

    of the Christian ministry, what he once

    thought was important he now considered

    to be “a lot of refuse.” Paul abandoned

    his pursuits in Judaism and dedicated

    the rest of his days on earth to

    preaching the good news.—Read Philippians

    3:4-8, 15; Acts 9:15.


    I can imagine that no jw could stay a bishop in the Catholic Church, or a priest in the Greek Orthodox Church, or any religious position similar to being a Pharisee. I know of a few non-jws that left prominent religious positions, but not many. So did Jewish Christians only do business with Gentiles or work for Gentiles? Did Paul sell tents only to Gentiles?

    Jws abandon their pursuits in non-jw religions. Do jws today only do business with other jws?


    12. What did Jesus focus on after his baptism?

    12 Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, and

    many others l ike them spent the majority

    of their time and energy in theocratic

    pursuits. They are good examples

    for us. Of course, the greatest of all of

    Jehovah’s dedicated servants is Jesus.

    (1 Pet. 2:21) After being baptized, Jesus

    devoted the rest of his life on earth

    to preaching the good news and honoring

    Jehovah. The obvious conclusion for

    a Christian who recognizes Jehovah as

    his Master is that serving Him should

    have priority in his life. Is it yours? And

    how can the pursuit of theocratic goals

    be reconciled with necessary secular activities?—

    Read Psalm 71:15; 145:2.


    Spent the majority of their time doing what, let’s see:

    Noah was the patriarchal head and religious leader of his family who must have great material resources to be able to build the ark and purchase and locate the animals supplied by God…

    Moses was from the tribe of Levi over even his brother Aaron, the source of high priesthood, supported by tithes from the other tribes

    Jeremiah was a prophet with a lifetime commission, not married, no children, a Levite priest

    Paul, no wife, no children, supported himself by working with other Christians part-time, a business they owned.

    Based on all these examples, every jw has not excuse not to be a full-time regular pioneer. And where are the Japanese pioneers of 25 years ago, why no statistics in the publications now since 1997?

    *** w87 2/1 p.15 par.1***

    “A FEW years ago, many of us thought that only those with special circumstances could pioneer,” wrote a pioneer, or full-time minister, in Japan. “It seems we were wrong. We are learning that only those with special circumstances cannot pioneer.”

    13, 14. (a) All dedicated Christians are encouraged

    to consider what? (b) What satisfaction

    can God’s people enjoy?

    13 Over the years, Jehovah’s organization

    has repeatedly encouraged Christians

    to consider prayerfully whether

    they could pioneer. For various reasons,

    the circumstances of some faithful

    servants of Jehovah do not allow

    them to devote themselves to the

    preaching work an average of 70 hours

    per month. They should not feel bad

    about this. (1 Tim. 5:8) But what about

    you? Is pioneering really beyond your



    Jehovah’s organization = only the WTS per JESUS anointing in 1919

    Jesus is said to have chosen the Watchtower Society as his only means of salvation because it was the only organization providing food at the proper time, and so justly appointed over all Jesus belongings.

    "The serving of food, the right sort of food, at the proper time was the issue. It had to be according to this that a decision must be rendered by the returned master... On inspecting the remnant of his anointed disciples in the year 1919 C.E., the reigning King Jesus Christ did find the appointed slave faithful and discreet in the feeding of his domestics. Accordingly, he appointed this slave class over all his belongings." Gods Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached pp.350,355 (continued on website)

    Based on the quote above, does the WTS think there is any circumstance that can hold a jw back?............Where in the bible does it mention time slips and hour goals of 50, 70 hours?

    *** km2/92 p.1 pars.2-7***

    Examining Your Circumstances:… One sister was able to auxiliary pioneer even though she has five children and works secularly…In one congregation all the elders and ministerial servants served as auxiliary pioneers during one month. Most of them had secular jobs, but they were intensely occupied with spiritual activities on weekends… A 15-year-old schoolgirl used her two-week spring vacation to share in the auxiliary pioneer service …Those who have retired from secular employment often have excellent opportunities to pursue Kingdom interests...After the death of her husband, an 84-year-old sister wrote one of the elders in our congregation suggested that I try auxiliary pioneering. I hesitated but finally decided to try it…A brother who sells real estate adjusted his schedule for showing homes so as to allow time for pioneer service.

    *** w107/15 p.18par.11***

    The example of Selmira, a Christian sister living in Brazil, shows that being diligent in God’s service does not depend on having favorable circumstances in life. Twenty years ago, Selmira’s husband was gunned down in a robbery, leaving her with three young children to rear. Her job as a maid involved working long hours and making tiring journeys in packed urban transportation. Despite these difficulties, she organized her affairs so that she could serve as a regular pioneer. Two of her three children later joined her in the pioneer service.

    *** w86 1/15 p.13 pars.13-14***

    A working wife may not have to work. One past retirement age may not have to keep working. A high standard of living, expensive vacations, the latest cars, and the like, are not essential to life .—Luke 12:15; 1 John 2:15-17.

    One father of three sons, two of preteen age, began pioneering six years ago. Why? “I wanted to do more,” he explains. “If I could be a regular pioneer and was not, I would not be living up to my dedication.” His wife also began regular pioneering. Why? “I had been auxiliary pioneering on a regular basis for four years and finally realized that it had become easy,” she says. “I wanted to have a fuller share in this never-to-be-repeated work and to set the proper example for our sons.” Both husband and wife learned the truth after university training. “Our parents required us to go to college for four years,” states the father. So, what goals have they set for their sons? “I let my boys know we would like them to pioneer and spend at least four years at Bethel.”

    THEY SHOULD NOT FEEL BAD = Don’t worry the WTS will make you feel bad using their representatives the elders. How many elders do you know that regular pioneer that aren’t independently rich?

    14 Reflect back on the joy that so

    many of God’s people had during the

    Memorial season this year . During

    March, a special provision allowed auxiliary

    pioneers to choose whether they

    would devote 30 or 50 hours to the field

    service. (Ps. 110:3) Millions shared in

    auxiliary pioneer service, and congregations

    seemed to radiate exceptional

    excitement and joy. Could you arrange

    your affairs so as to experience similar

    joy more often? At the end of each day,

    it gives a dedicated Christian great satisfaction

    to be able to say, “Jehovah, I

    did everything I could in your service.”


    SEEMED? Joy is measured by hours going d2d? Titus found joy in the love from fellow Christians (2 Cor 7:13)

    Where in the bible does it mention 30, 50, 70 hours or the national average, which nation?

    Is doing “everything” only hours pushing WTS publications?

    15. What should be a young Christian’s objective

    as regards secular education?

    15 If you are approaching the end of

    the schooling required of you, you may

    find yourself in good health and with

    few responsibilities. Have you seriously

    considered entering the regular pioneer

    ranks? No doubt, school counselors sincerely

    believe that it is in your best interests

    to pursue higher education and

    to plan for a secular career. Yet, their

    confidence lies in a social and financial

    system that has no lasting future.

    On the other hand, by pursuing a theocratic

    career, you will be pursuing truly

    worthwhile and lasting goals. And you

    will be following Jesus’ perfect example.

    Such a wise decision will make you happy.

    It will protect you. And it will show

    that you are determined to live up to

    your dedication to Jehovah.— Matt. 6:19-

    21; 1 Tim. 6:9-12.


    Education required of you—did you know that that varies in the countries the WTS holds sway even in the US (not all are 6-18).

    Should you not PLAN though for employment that will support you. The CAREER word seems to be worse that the F word.

    So can jws trust in other jws to help them financially? Never seen in my whole life except by jws who are considered low in the congregation’s esteem, not righteous enough.

    Remember Jesus only spent 3.5 years in FT service on earth and was supported financially by his followers.

    16, 17. What questions arise concerning secular

    employment and other pursuits?

    16 Many of God’s servants today work

    long hours to care for the basic necessities

    of their families. Yet, some may

    be working more hours than necessary.

    (1 Tim. 6:8) The commercial world is doing

    its utmost to convince us that we

    cannot live without its many products

    and every new model that comes on the

    market. But true Christians do not want

    Satan’s world to dictate their priorities.

    (1 John 2:15-17) As for those who have

    retired from secular employment, what

    better way to use their time than in the

    pioneer ministry, putting Jehovah’s service



    BASIC NECESSITIES = determined by who and what, the country we live in?

    How does the WTS determine what is more than necessary? Do jws now submit the finances to the elders for judgment. Is it that “more hours” are during the meetings times but it alright to work 8 hours through the night as long as you start at 10 p.m.?

    Every new model—so BOEs or WTS can have congregations remodel or build new KHs (or assembly halls) that aren’t required but the rank and file dare not have a new house built. Or sell a KH simply because the property has increased in value through the roof. Of move a congregation to share the same building with 2 others to sell that property and keep the money. In my last congregation, out of the 6 elders, 4 had new houses built in the same 2 years. All had a “good reason” to house older parents, none of which have ever moved in.

    The WTS is selling perfectly good buildings to finance yet another headquarters in Warwick, as if the Wallkill or Patterson properties are sufficient, as the WTS sells off branch offices and lets go Bethel family members without any financial package, who won’t qualify for social security until they work 10 years. That’s why those let go in the 1980’s had to work 10 years although 60 to 70 years old already.

    17 All dedicated servants of Jehovah

    can ask themselves: What is my primary

    objective in life? Am I putting Kingdom

    interests first? Do I imitate Jesus’

    self-sacrificing attitude? Am I heeding

    Jesus’ advice to follow him continually?

    Could I adjust my schedule in order to

    devote more time to the Kingdom preaching

    work or to other theocratic

    pursuits? Even if my circumstances do

    not at the moment allow me to expand

    my service, am I continuing to cultivate

    a self-sacrificing spirit?


    Dedicated servants of Jehovah – only jws

    Kingdom or WTS interests?

    Following Jesus or the WTS?

    So did Jesus say his followers were to be recognized by anything but the love they showed EACH OTHER?

    Are there any circumstances that prevent a jw from expansion—per the WTS?


    18, 19. About what might you pray, and why

    would such a request be pleasing to Jehovah?

    Have you seriously considered

    entering the regular pioneer ranks?

    18 The zeal of God’s people is a joy

    to behold. However, some may not feel

    particularly inclined to pioneer or qualified

    to do so—even if their circumstances

    would allow it. (Ex. 4:10; Jer. 1:6)

    Then what? Might this not be a suitable

    subject for prayer? Certainly. Paul told

    fellow believers that Jehovah, “for the

    sake of his good pleasure, is acting within

    you in order for you both to will and

    to act.” (Phil. 2:13) If you do not feel motivated

    to expand your ministry, ask Jehovah

    to give you both the desire and

    the ability to do so.—2 Pet. 3:9, 11.


    God’s people = only jws

    Ooh, some jws don’t feel inclined to pioneer….do not feel motivated --self-identified or judged so by the elders, WTS, and self-proclaimed “righteous” jws?

    Prayer…so where will the answer come from? Will someone give you a car for free, a brother hire you at a phenomenal wage with low, low hours and provide health insurance? Or will mommy and daddy let you live at home, give you a car, gas, and an allowance?

    19 Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, and

    Jesus were all devoted men. They used

    their time and energy to proclaim Jehovah’s

    warning message. They did not

    allow themselves to be distracted. The

    end of the present system of things is

    imminent; hence, all of us who have

    dedicated our lives to God need to be

    sure that we are continuing to do our utmost

    in following these excellent Scriptural

    examples. (Matt. 24:42; 2 Tim. 2:

    15) By doing so, we can please Jehovah

    and reap his rich blessings.—Read Malachi



    So where are the devoted WOMEN examples? None to be found?

    Sarah, Deborah, Huldah, Mary, Martha, Tabitha, Eunice, Priscilla, etc.

    Popular WTS term right now—distract, distracts, distracted, distractions

    Imminent—very soon now—impending—threshold—fast approaching, etc.

    The end has been “imminent” since 1876…with an end date of 1914, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1940’s, 1975, 1984, 1994, and now based on an ever expanding end time of the generation.


    1. liable to happen soon; impending


    What are distractions per the WTS? Do they trust the rank and file to decide for themselves?


    Material possessions

    Social activities (eating, drinking, marrying)

    Television, movies, videos, sports, secular reading, or hobbies

    Becoming involved in the world’s endless debates over social issues or its futile struggles to correct injustices

    Paying undue attention to the seemingly endless theories and remedies offered can make one obsessed with health matters.

    However, it would be a serious mistake to allow oneself to be so involved with The fun and games of life, be they recreation, trips, gadgets, or even unnecessary pursuit of secular work

    Think of the amount of time that distractions can consume. For years, television has ruled as the top time-waster in many areas. What, though, about mobile phones and personal computers? A survey of 1,000 adults in Britain found that “the average Briton spends 88 minutes a day on a landline telephone, a further 62 minutes on a mobile telephone, 53 minutes e-mailing and 22 minutes text messaging.” The total amounts to more than twice as much time as an auxiliary pioneer devotes to the ministry each day! How do your communication habits measure up?

    But when we spend too much time on “fun” things at the expense of activities connected with our worship, relaxation becomes a valueless thing, adversely affecting our spiritual well-being.

    (Ever seen this?)

    Raising a child involves years of self-sacrifice . It is a big investment in time and energy. A Christian husband needs to understand that for several years after a baby is born, his wife is likely to be distracted during meetings and she may have fewer opportunities for personal Bible study and meditation. This could have a debilitating effect on her spiritual health. Responsible parenthood requires that the husband does all he reasonably can to help to look after the child. He could try to compensate for what his wife may miss at the meetings by later discussing some of the program points with her at home. He may also share in caring for the baby to give his wife an opportunity to have a meaningful share in Kingdom preaching.—Read Philippians 2:3, 4.


    Now who are THEY? The anointed, the great crowd?

  • bennyk
    The end of the present system of things is imminent.

    Don't buy green bananas!!!!!!!!

    (Thanks, Blondie.)

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Agreed, Jesus got an opening acknowledgement and then ? he was shoved aside yet again.

    Liked your quote from the 58 Wt (end of para 2). busily engaged in reforming others...never have time to consider and correct their own glaring follies. <<<<<GB if the shoe

  • Sheep2slaughter

    Hey blondie thanks again for your excellent work. I will study this instead of the actual watchtower lol!!

  • sseveninches

    My mother took this opportunity to slam me for not doing more. She says I don't go out in field service enough, I don't have enough zeal, and I don't encourage others to go out. Even before I learned TTATT, she was saying these things, but not like today. She stole a whole hour of my time for this.

    You know what? She's right. I don't do enough, because I don't want to do anything (for the WT) at all. It's not "the truth" like she thinks it is, and thus I have no motivation to continue what I was doing.

    Sadly she's what you'd call a hardcore JW, and so this is just the start of a lot of torment for me. I don't know how much more pressure I'll be able to take before I tell her what's troubling me, and I still have at least a year to go until I move out.

  • bobld

    Thanks Blondie!

    Q9 We cannot be sure...............

    We do know

    which is it.

    Q16 J.Org plans for the future by new k.h. new hq.

    many are working long hours to complete these new kh,new hq

  • orbison11
  • orbison11

    Thank you Blondie.

    That was very interesting..

  • moomanchu

    When Jehovah or Jesus speak to me directly as was the case with Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, and Jesus,

    thats when I will decide what to do.

    Sorry Watchtower Printing Company.

    Noah also proclaimed Jehovah’s impending judgment. The apostle Peter calls him

    “a preacher of righteousness,”

    indicating that Noah strove to help his neighbors

    appreciate the gravity of their situation.

    How does preaching righteousness equal preaching impending judgement?

    same ole same ole


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Wow. Two truly god-awful study articles in a row.

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