Scriptures seem to hint that Jehovah/Yahweh is a SON of God?

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  • EndofMysteries

    After the past few years of trying to really figure out what the bible is teaching and no influence, one of the things has been that possibly the God of the Israelites may have been a son. I want feedback on what I am about to show. This is the tip of the iceberg, just one angle of what may be going on. I am not trying to prove anything, if this is wrong then fine, I just want the truth and from reading bible I've noticed this and wondering if it appears this may be true or not.

    First is Duet 32:8, 9. When the Most High gave the nations an inheritance........he parted the sons of Adam......fixed the boundary of the people according to the number of the sons of Israel (other bibles and hebrew translations may say to the number of the son of God). vs 9. For Jehovah's share is his people. Jacob is the allotment that he inherits.

    Okay so in the above one.....when I read that it seems to be saying that the "Most High" seperated humans, and Jehovah was given control of the Israelites. You might say that it's saying the Most High divided them and Jehovah being the Most High took the Israelites but it doesn't say that, it says he INHERITS. To INHERIT it must be passed down right?

    1 scripture alone isn't enough, so is there more in the bible that may hint toward this.

    Gen 48:15, 16 The (true) God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked.........The ANGEL who has been recovering me from all calamity. - God is being called an angel??????? If he was a son then it would make sense though........

    Ps 82:1 - God is stationing himself in the assembly of the Divine One, in the middle of the gods he judges. - hmmm,,,Is there a difference between God and "the Divine One"? Is God stationing himself in the assembly of himself or is this like Duet 32:8,9, perhaps God is not the same as the Most High or The Divine One? And the other gods being other angels?

    In Daniel 10:13 an angel trying to get ot Daniel was trapped or kept by the "prince of persia" but Michael, the "prince of Israel" helped him. This backs up Duet 32 on people being divided up and having angels rule or influence them.

    So what do you think?

  • Nambo

    An interesting concept, next time I read through the Bible I will keep your idea in mind to see how it fits in with what Iam reading.

    I have sometimes fantasised into the nature of God, such as he could be a little boy who made everything in our world so to us would appear to be, and could claim to be, the Most high, but in his own reality has to go away when his Mum calls him for dinner.

  • EndofMysteries

    Well on the new testament side of things, says that the son was in the beginning and everything created through him.

    Ps 2:12 says kiss the son lest he be angry and you be destroyed (was that meaning that whoever was leading the Israelites was the son, and a warning that that son was not very tolerant?

    Israel is always called an 'inheritence'.

    Again though whether this is true or not, it's the tip of the iceberg and right now it seems everything is not as it seems. Everything we think or had thought may be a lot different in reality. What we think is right may be wrong and what we thought was wrong may be right, etc.

  • Bobcat


    On Duet 32:8, 9, "inheritance" is being used figuratively. Duet 32 is in poetic style, so one would need to accord the author some 'poetic license.'

    On a contrasting example, Numbers 18:20 has Jehovah as being the Levites "inheritance." If one took that too literally, it would make God equivalent to property.

    Take Care

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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    If you research this site, I think you'll find that (even) the bible acknowledges the (supposed) existence of other 'gods' and the painful transition from a polytheistic to a montheistic belief. Why would you have a commandment saying 'you will have no other gods before me' unless it was accepted that there WERE other gods?

    This is uncomfortable for a montheistic religion, just one more example where reading the bible with an open mind throws up doubts. It doesn't always actually say what we think it does (or were taught that it does).

  • transhuman68

    This is what happens when you get your J, E, D & P's all mixed up, lol! Bible archeology has provided a few answers...

    Leolaia has written her thoughts on this thread...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Ditto the thread mentioned above by transhuman, .... Also, as the Israelites WERE actually just breakaway Caananites....

  • John Kesler
    John Kesler

    EndofMysteries, you may be interested in this post that I made on another list; it touches on the issues and scriptures that you mention.

  • designs

    If you have questions or theories about the Jewish Scriptures ask a Rabbi.

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