5 Rules for Diagreeing Agreeably

by skeeter1 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • moshe
    Rule #1: Give others morons the benefit of the doubt.
  • apostatethunder
  • simon17

    Most important, perhaps: Validate the other person's emotions.

  • Quendi

    Thank you for these rules, skeeter1. Since reading them, I have employed them in a discussion I am part of on another thread. I don’t know if I will enjoy a civil and stimulating dialogue there, but I truly believe that following these rules will make my contributions on this board and elsewhere much better.


  • ziddina

    Great points, skeeter...

    Unfortunately, following them would make my life rather dull.... bored smiley

    But thanks anyway!!

    Zid flaming devil smiley

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Good suggestions. After a hospital stay I had to attend group therapy twice a week(2 hr session) for 3 months. One of the suggestions was about disagreeing agreeably. The gist of it was to say something to acknowledge what the other said, tell them that you respect their opinion.....and then share your opinion.

    Tried that on my JW ex (I really should have known better lol) went over like a lead balloon. Sometimes you just can't meet in the middle no matter how hard you try. especially if you're the only one playing by the rules.

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