Does it look like a fraud to you?

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  • InOregon

    Google "personal assistant scam" and you will find a wealth of information about this so called job.

  • Honesty

    Greetings kind sir:

    I am Colonel Mustaffa Ozawana from Lagos, Nigeria.

    I have been authorized to facilitate his majesty the King of Zawandi Province in moving

    $6 billion US from his personal bank account to a bank in the United States.

    Please, kind sir provide your full name, bank routing number and account number so

    his majesty can get his funds into the United States. For your assistance in this very important matter I have

    been authorized to offer you $3 million US in compensation for your trouble.


    Colonel Mustaffa Ozawana

  • jamiebowers

    There was a guy right here in my little town who fell for the re-shipping scheme. If I remember correctly, items were shipped to his address, and then he would re-ship them elsewhere. As it turned out, the items were ordered with stolen credit information. Although the police knew he was duped, he was still arrested. There was nothing else in the news about it, so I don't know what happened to the poor guy.

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