weird "shepherding" phone call

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  • snakeface

    Oh yeah I'm aware that they sometimes have another elder listening in on the line.

    This particular brother is not - and will never be - an elder. He got fired from jobs because instead of working he spent the whole day "witnessing" to co-workers. He even told the boss, "if they are worldly, they will be witnessed to." He and his wife never pay their bills. They rely on handouts from the congregation, and they move every few years leaving their landlord with several months' rent unpaid. Their credit is so bad, they cash their paychecks at one of those cash-advance stores. Apparently he is just taking it upon himself to call even though I'm sure the elders told him I'm DA'd.

    I doubt anyone else will call but if they do I just won't answer. If they leave a msg I will not return their calls.

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