Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 08-12-2012 WT Study (SHORTLY)

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  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    To think I gave the 45 min. talk on this back in the day and then the new generation change too. Ugh!. They just keep on keeping on with the spinning.

    Thanks Blondie

  • blindnomore

    Yep! No more The King of the North and The King of the South jazz.(at least for the moment).

    The Watchtower conductor where I attended compared this Study artical to a "College education."

    Thanks blondie.

  • ziddina


    And Marking...

  • scotoma

    In their opening premise the Watchtower says "

    THE prophecies of Daniel and John correspond

    in ways that allow us to understand the meaning

    of many present and future world events.

    What gets me is they are looking for agreement between Daniel and Revelation but then they make it impossible for a parallel connection through their interpretation. Basically they are suggesting that if a pair of events is similar in their descriptive wording and dramatic roles, similar in action, similar in sequence and similar in results we should probably think of the events as the same event.

    Let's work our way backwards from the Great Tribulation. Chronologically according to the book of Daniel the final rivalry on Earth before the Great Tribulation, is the pushing that goes on between the King of The North & The King of The South. There is also a final pre-tribulation rivalry that takes center stage in the book of Revelation. The final rivalry in Revelation is between the Wild Beast and The Harlot. The Harlot has the oppressive role of sitting or riding the Wild Beast. The Watchtower has erroneously interpreted this rivalry as the conflict between the United Nations and World Empire of False Religion . The Watchtower interpretation presents us with two entirely different struggles going on at the same time. Why wouldn't such an event as the destruction of all false religion be found in Daniel. And why wouldn't the pushing & shoving of the two political entitities, King of the North and the King of the South, be mentioned in Revelation. Both are dealing with the "end" and the events leading up to the end and you would expect some parallelism if you claim that the one book explains the other.

    They say that the King of the South is the 7th head of the wild beast. So where is the King of the North in Revelation. Something is mixed up. The Watchtower ignores this point and says they don't know who the King of the North will be.

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