guilty mate (need Blondie)

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  • 144001

    This song is dedicated to the "guilty mates" in the room:

  • jam

    Elder commits adultery, Df. Elders urge wife to forgive,

    but also tell her she is free to divorce. Months pass and

    finally she forgave, (she had sex with him, that,s all it takes),

    but she made his life a holy hell. Now DF he continue in adultery,

    and she contiune to forgive. I felt sorry for the sister, and husband.

    He wanted out of the marriage and away from the religion. She

    desperately trying to save the marriage. After a couple years she

    had enough. They divorce, both remarried and last I heard they

    both are doing fine.

  • scary21

    Great story jam.......oh what a tangled web they weave,,,,ha ha.......he had to keep having sex outside the marriage,and she finally got the hint. Can someone make the song clickable ?

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