"we were just talking...shes not free to remarry...we werent flirting or doing anything wrong"

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    I forgot to mention that this "brother" im married to WAS a recovering alcoholic and had stopped drinking after he beat me and choked me in 06 and I had to get a restraining order. So when he sat down to talk to me Thursday...he brought in a water glass 3/4 full of wine and proceeded to down that in front of me. He saw my baffled look and said "WHAT?? What do YOU care anymore??" So apparently he has a whole list of ways to try to hurt me before I file including "fuck you Im gonna start drinkiing again and by the way, the reason I have been IGNORING you for years is because I have a NEW GIRLFRIEND bitch so deal with it!" He will only hurt himself and his kids and whatever ho he shacks up with. So he left Friday morning after rolling his eyes at my accusation that he was already and had BEEN cheating on me. If hes already having conversations on a phone with a sister who has his number and he has hers and they arent discussing him fixing her plumbing problem...or maybe they WERE talking about that... then they have BOTH already crossed the line big time. It just pisses me off that they constantly have their cake and eat it too and because he is the poor beloved brother helpful with the apostate wife...he gets nothing but sympathy and support and ENCOURAGEMENT TO CHEAT from his constituents and gets away with it. Apparently Jehooover cant hear cell phone conversations?? He left the house and didnt come back until 1:45am last night... really? ugh....

    And he waltzed in this morning got his coffee and said have a nice day to me like nothing in the world was different. Mind f*ck.

    Im looking for a good divorce lawyer as we speak and all bets of being NICE about it are off the table.

  • Scully

    Hey sweetie! I've been wondering what you've been up to lately! It's nice to see you, though I'm sorry for the crap you're going through.

    I had to laugh at him saying "I don't plan on staying single long".

    Tell him you plan on working on yourself and building up your self esteem after being married to such a lousy excuse for a husband for such a long time. You have no plans on getting involved with anyone for a longgggggggggggg time. Ask him how long he can hold his dick breath waiting to be Scripturally Free To Remarryâ„¢. LMAO!!!


  • GLTirebiter

    ...a recovering alcoholic and had stopped drinking after he beat me and choked me in 06 and I had to get a restraining order...
    he brought in a water glass 3/4 full of wine and proceeded to down that in front of me...
    Im looking for a good divorce lawyer as we speak...

    Be sure to give the lawyer all the facts about that incident in '06. You should seek another restraining order along with the divorce filing. If he's drinking again, there is a good chance he will lose control again. Protect yourself, take no chances!

    all bets of being NICE about it are off the table.

    Not being nice--understood. But be cool and businesslike, not vindictive. Don't give him a chance to paint you as being uncooperative or spiteful in front of a judge. Let him be the irrational party.

    I'm sorry to hear it's come to this, Wuz, but I think you're right--it's time to end the madness.

  • jamiebowers

    It's been said that the opposite of love isn't hate, but indifference. You would do well to become as indifferent as possible towards this man. He sounds like he's toxic. You have nothing to worry about compared to him about the future. Once you're divorced, you can go on with your life and do whatever, (or whoever), you want. He's not in the same boat. Not only does he have to prove adultery on your part, but his girlfriend has to do the same with her MIA ex-husband.

    Please just focus on the divorce and your safety. Don't count on him to be a decent human being in any respect. He is, after all, not only a mind controlled cult member but also an alcoholic and wife beater.

  • Jim_TX

    Wuz, I am sorry that you are having to go through this. I can relate - from the other side... kinda...

    I had been married to the now ex (Jw wifey) for about 20 years when I told her that I wanted a divorce. She didn't seem too surprised (perhaps that should've been a clue).

    I moved out, filed for divorce, which was later granted. She kept trying to get me to admit to her any infraction that she could use to claim her 'freedom to remarry'. I told her that the courts said we were divorced, and that should be good enuf for her.

    Well, she got remarried within the year to a fella that I suspect she had met at one of her conventions. Them there conventions ARE useful for some things, eh? Even when you're married... you can meet your next mate (especially if you're married to an unbeliever).

    Be sure to get you a good lawyer. Tell them all that has occured to lead up to this moment. Lawyers know how to work the court system. If you get a good lawyer, they'll make sure that you come out of this okay.


    Jim TX

  • Emma

    You've been betrayed and it hurts no matter how much leaving is your idea. I was in your place, worked on getting out of the marriage without causing hurt feelings (as much as that's possible) and trying to ease the kids into it. Within a couple of weeks after he finally left, I found out he'd been having an affair for nearly a year! I was pissed!

    It won't take long for you to get past this and thank her for making it easier.

    Some men just need another boat to jump on to when they see theirs sinking!

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