Disowning letter from father to gay son

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  • wezz

    WhY dO PeoPlE MiX uppERCase and LOwer case WheN WritiNG?

  • steve2

    The easiest thing to do on the net is to fake it. It is so easy to manufacture a handwritten letter to give it an added look of authenticity. It's a litlde bit like people who add detail after detail to their lies to create the impression they are telling the truth. No JW father who disowns his child would then proceed to wish that child a good birthday. It would be akin to a 7th Day Adventist father wishing his son has a good party this Saturday, or a Jewish father wishing his son enjoyed a pork chop...

  • slimboyfat

    Whether the letter is "real" or not, can there really be any doubt that exchanges such as this have taken place? Of course they have. That's the important point.

  • irondork

    Quendi: Will he come to his senses and rethink his stance?

    Perhaps. Perhaps not. But even if he does, he has a much bigger mess on his hands than just his own attitude. A letter like that is relationship-ending. Destroyed. Ashes. The wounds caused by those kinds of words coming from a "father" do not go away.

    I never got a letter from my father on the subject, but I remember clear as day the moment he told me I disgust him. I continued treating him with respect when I was around him (which was seldom), but my eyes were dry the day he died and they will stay that way.

    You cannot write a letter like that or verbalise that kind of sentiment and then think for a moment you can come back later with an "Ooops! My bad!"

    Welcome to earth.

  • ohiocowboy

    From my viewpoint, that letter was tame compared to what many/most have received. I almost find it hard to believe that it was even written by a real witness, as it would have been far more hateful, IMHO. I was told by my JW parents that I may as well be a murderer or a rapist, and as far as they were concerned, they have no son. That was followed by throwing out every picture and movie of me from toddler to adulthood, as well as any other thing they had that reminded them of me.

    I was also not allowed to have any of my personal possessions back that I had spent my own money on, including an extensive collection of early Watchtower literature, antiques, jewelry, etc. They quite literally hated me because I was gay. I was cut off so completely it was as if I never even existed. When facebook came out, I kept getting friend requests from people who were amazed and excited that I was still alive because for years my parents had been telling everyone that I had died.

    I have heard stories far worse than mine. JW's can be the most cruel, lying, hypocritical, nasty, hateful people on Earth. They are the antithesis of what they portray themselves to be.

  • Leolaia
  • ozbrad

    My mother said my coming out to her was the same as me dying.

    She also said I was better off committing suicide than being gay as I would be resurrected a perfectly straight man apparently.

    Stupid cult.

  • Heaven

    One of my colleagues is gay. I asked her "In your opinion, where does all this hatred for gay people come from?"

    Her reply: "Religion."

    I concur.

  • runesandmen

    When I cam out I was DF', my mother told me she would only contact me if someone was sick or dead.

    people who have heard that are usually shocked. But; to me it is just another example of the opiate effect the org has on people.

  • jgnat

    Written in pencil.

    In case dad changes his mind?

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