Have you ever wondered why as Jehovah's Witnesses you ignored the inconsistencies, lies and hypocricies of the Watchtower's Governing Body for so long?

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  • matt2414

    Here are a few examples of what I overlooked for so long:

    1. The Watchtower often praised Rutherford's 1918 talk "Millions Now Living Will Never Die." However, everyone who had ever heard that talk was dead.

    2. The Governing Body urges the placement of the Watchtower's "Bible" literature with strangers. However, Witnesses are never allowed to accept Bible literature from non-Witnesses.

    3. The GB says the New Testament mainly applies to "anointed" who are going to live in heaven with God. However, at Matthew 28:19, 20 where Jesus tells his "anointed" followers to make disciples of people of all the nations, well that part applies mainly to the "other sheep."

    4. The Watchtower says children (minors) ought to be able to attend school and defend the "truth," and stand up to vicious ridicule. However, adult witnesses should not get "higher education" because they could be swayed from the "truth."

    5. Jehovah's Witnesses are not to attend college because the pursuit of riches could take them away from the ministry. However, it's OK to own your own business even though it will quite likely take you away from the ministry.

    6. Witnesses who go to college should not be given responsibilities in the congregation. However, if you went to college before becoming a Witness, then you may very well qualify for Bethel service as a doctor, lawyer, architect, etc.

    7. The GB says God has allowed suffering for thousands of years to prove to the angels a point about God's right to rule. However, mere humans only need a 6-month Bible study with the Witnesses to learn the same point about God's right to rule, then you can get baptized.

    These are just a few of the inconsistencies that I can't believe I ignored for so long. And I'm just getting started.

  • moshe
    I can't believe I ignored for so long

    It's easy- you wanted to cheat death, never get really old and infirm (armageddon will be here soon), and then be rewarded for all those hours in the d2d work by getting everlasting life in the new order, system of things, new earth, whatever JWs call it right now-- you just have to follow the faithful slave's directives ( nobody has ever seen one of them in person) and into the paradise you go, -easy peasy- no need to even stress out any brain cells over how it all is going to happen- faith, baby and plenty of busy work at the KH with all your JW friends and family- the sunk cost fallacy ensures you won't think about bailing out the back door- 20 years, 30, 40, still nothing? = why, that just means the end is even closer now than it was last year!! And since JWs are the only one going d2d with this unique crackpot WT endtimes armageddon/paradise earth dogma (the Truth, in JW lingo), That proves that only JWs have the truth. JWs are so smug- only they got it right!! I can clean carpets, windows or a be stocker at Walmart and Jehoover thinks I am more important than a president, prime minister, governor,general, etc- I have the truth I'm going to get eteranl life-- hooray!!!-- and who needs a pension anyway? not me!!

    Now that you know you aren't going to play with the lions and tigers forever, you have to figure out how to pay for retirement- and decide on cremation or a regular casket/cemetary plot for your final resting place.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Indeed, it is no surprise that the WT organization is screwy and corrupt. The real question is why people follow who must know it is a crock. Why people suspend reason is the big question. I have no idea.

    Some cultures are drawn to authoritarian figures. See Russian and Nazi Germany. Americans don't seem to be drawn to them, though. Neither are countries such as Britain and France.

  • wasblind

    Easy Peasy . Faith, baby . _____Moshe

    LOL sarcasm of the WTS really thick

  • DilemmaGF

    Never trust the heart?

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Moshe said:

    "And since JWs are the only one going d2d with this unique crackpot WT endtimes armageddon/paradise earth dogma (the Truth, in JW lingo), That proves that only JWs have the truth. JWs are so smug- only they got it right!!"

    Tell us how you REALLY feel, Moshe! Is my dunce cap on straight? ;)

    The good news (i mean, the TRULY TRUE good news) is that if you are reading this thread, you are the smartest of the bunch! You figured it out....

    Kinda feel sorry for the last ones to figure it out, showing up at the KH and looking around at an empty hall, asking "where'd everybody go?"

  • Cacky

    Yes, I've wondered how and why I put doubts to the back of my mind for so long. But I think Moche gave a good explanation why so many of us did it.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Are you kidding? We are ....uhh....were surrounded by such a great "cloud of witnesses" all drinking from the same tainted fountain of "truth"

    I wish my wife would take the vail away from her face and see what i see... what we all now see.

    I was very happy in my ignorance. but i wouldnt trade knowing what i know now

  • wasblind

    But I think Moche gave a good explanation why so many of us did it._____Cacky

    That's a nice way to put it , if your talkin' bout someone else

    We talkin' bout Moshe, He by passed an explanation, and threw

    sh!t at the WTS and those still in. LOL

  • moshe

    wasblind- we have plenty of lurkers looking at this tonight- a few of them will figure out the WT scam that has been pulled on them.

    . Golly it's hot outside- I must have drank a 1/2 gallon of sweet tea today doing yard work. JWs just keep bypassin' my house- Little Peppe doesn't like their shite--

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