The List of 21 changes in Policy are simply Mind-Blowing!

by Terry 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    Too much smoking

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Hate to break it to some of you, but someone's already done the Xian theme park idea with, brought to you by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis, the same folks behind the creation museum, in the greater Cincinnati, OH area. It looks to be a hoot, building a life-size (non-working) replica of everybody's fave ride, Noah's Ark (no word if it'll be located in Fantasyland)....

  • Farkel

    For a rather hefty fee, GB members will permit 4 year old girls to give a lap dance, but only in moderation and NO witnesses.


  • WTWizard

    What about teaching power meditation for young children? Power meditation is NOT the kind of worthless "meditation(??)" that the washtowel actually advocates. Power meditation teaches children to clear their minds, work with energy, and communicate with the Demons. They learn that the Demons are not monsters that are out to hurt them. Instead, they learn to work with the Demons and prevent many of the stagnation problems so common in the world.

    This, of course, goes along with not giving children sex hang-ups. No teaching children that sex is dirty, and no trying to prevent them from experimenting with it. At the same time, we abandon the practice of shaming and guilting homosexuals. We recognize that mankind is naturally bisexual, and very few are exclusively either. We also recognize that bisexuality is NOT the same as pure homosexuality (I remember seeing a reprint of that rag, I believe in 1973, stating that bisexuality is homosexuality and was shamed). We also recognize that fornication is NOT dirty--in fact, we encourage it (unchaperoned dates) because, how else are you going to know whether it will work. Oral sex is also not shameful or sinful.

    Instead of giving children hang-ups on sex, why not teach them that slavery and torture are abominable? Torturing others simply to force them to comply with our own beliefs is abominable, and should not be tolerated. Sending missionaries into foreign lands to force beliefs on the natives, destroy their culture, or sell natives as slaves in foreign countries is not acceptable. Those that did such should make restitution to the victims, so everyone (both black and white) benefit. Slavery is not acceptable--what the churches did to force blacks to work as slaves was abominable. If they spent half as much time guilting people for that as they do for sex "offenses(??)", most of the problems in the world would have been prevented.

  • FadeToBlack


    You forgot to mention the new 'Pledge of Allegiance' to the GB/FDS that will be recited at the start of each meeting.

  • Terry

    You forgot to mention the new 'Pledge of Allegiance' to the GB/FDS that will be recited at the start of each meeting.

    You know....that one isn't so far fetched when you stop and think about it!

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