Why is this saying not included in JW wedding services?

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    "Therefore, if any man can show any just cause why they may not lawfully be joined together let him speak now or else hereafter forever hold his peace"

    Are we going Levitical law here? I'm just asking, because let's say the groom had a crushed testicle: wouldn't that count as rendering him unfit for marriage?

  • 3rdgen

    I'm marrying in my teens 'cause my parents are afraid my 1st boyfriend and me will engage in "loose conduct" or God forbid, the big no no and receive the fate worse than death... DF! I'm marring in my teens 'cause I hate living under the vicegrip of my JW parents and I think I'll have way more fun married. LOL

  • cobaltcupcake

    It wasn't said at my wedding in the US.

    When my "worldly" cousins heard me promise to deeply respect my husband there was an audible gasp.


    The Odd Life of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • TOTH

    They said it at my wedding back in 1990

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I wonder if it is a legal requirement in some states. No, it can't be b/c of First Amendment Establishment Clause restrictions.

    Jesus' statements about marriage, polygamy, and divorce were radical. Sometimes I wonder if they believe in God. god and yhwh are so different.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    ... because JWs want a quiescent audience

  • mP

    All the ceremony by the religious leader is simply a show it has no legal standing in most if all countries. Anything said or promised means nothing anyway.

  • Phizzy

    It is part of the ceremony here reqired by Law in the U.K

    Someone may think it is funny to perhaps leap up, and then go "Only kidding!" but the problem is that by Law the cermony must then stop, the accusation be investigated, and the ceremony can only go ahead after the law Officers are happy for it so to do, which in practical terms will be on another day.

    Bang goes all the Reception, the First Night and maybe the Honeymoon !

    Any friviolous objection will at the very least attract a charge of Wasting Police Time, and maybe you will be sued by the Brides family, and may be punched by the Groom's !

    Don't do it unless you really mean it !!!!

  • Ding

    I'm surprised the don't make the couple promise to "love, honor, and obey the faithful and discreet slave..."

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    I'm surprised the don't make the couple promise to "love, honor, and obey the faithful and discreet slave..."

    Shouldn't "your Mother" (AKA the GB) show up to the wedding, or at least send a gift?

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