Young Ex-JW siblings release song to radio inspired by their experience leaving the cult.

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  • Azazel

    Havent forgotten wolfman85 just been away on work.Thanks to all the views at youtube

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    That was great thanks for bringing it to our attention

  • jws

    I suppose it's good for country music. Never been a fan of country myself. To me though, it sounds like dozens of other country songs about escaping a bad relationship. You could just as easily tell JWs to go listen to any other "gotta break up" song and tell them it's about the Witnesses.

    And while maybe they have sublte messages about breaking free of the WTBS, the fans of this genre aren't going to intrepet that as the message.

    I wish them well though. Country may not be my thing, but if they can make a living at it, go for it.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Not remotely into Country music, but wanted to bump for anybody that may have missed this. I might purchase a song or the album to show some support.

  • grumblecakes

    i agree with jws, if youre just listening to the song, no video, just sounds like a break up song. even the words on the wall (except for "cult" and "no blood" ) could be about anything (or everything for that matter). it doesnt really seem to call out WTS.

    but they are talented.

  • Watchtower-Free

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