Tramadol ???

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  • Cirkeline

    Oxycontin is the tradename of the drug that contains the active ingridient Oxycodone. Every drug has a tradename, depending on what company who makes them, and a generic name, the actual ingridient which in this case is Oxycodone. Its a opiopat similar to morphine. And yes, many deal with nausea initially, but if used over time (which of course is not a good idea if not for good reason) it often fades.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I have taken tramadol. It's alot less effective than the oxys for serious pain. But if you need to function. the tramadol is OK.

  • aquagirl

    Ive had it and find it comparable to a Tic Tac...

  • aquagirl

    Where I live,you have to sign the code of secrecy when you get oxycodone too.Its not something that you want anyone to know that you have access to.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    In the past, I took every major opiate for pain. West Virginia had an enormous epidemic. Altho I did not have to sign anything, I was warned not to tell people I had the prescription. It seems strange that even stronger opiates were not such a problem in New York.

    Frankly, opiates never addressed my pain. The sedation was heavenly, though. I ended up taking benadryl for sedation.

    Most chronic pain patients never become psychologically addicted. I never experienced the "high" in bad pain that I experienced before with other pains.

    If you want to see a major battle, see pain doctors vs. psychiatrists. I was physically addicted but never had a problem with a slow detox. One of the worse adventures of my life was when I was placed on a methodone maintenance unit. The other patients were not just drug abusers but also the scum of the earth. Almost all the patients had done serious time upstate for heinous crimes. I was assaulted by a prostitute only out on the streets less than two weeks. A phone call to the police about the assault gave me leverage to walk out.

    I was never more fearful in my whole life. Everyone was threatening everyone else in loud voices. There was no semblance of law and order. No one was seriously detoxing. They were very candid about how they were lowering their dose so they could sell more on the street and enhance their income to buy more drugs. And law abiding me should never have been placed on that unit. As she flew at me, I managed to screech what was happening so the staff would know. The staff acted as if nothing unusual or against the law took place. The New York police department had a very different view.

    Pain management doctors must have beds available for people like me. They supported me so much but they aren't around 24/7.

    Later, I would be admitted to hospice units which were so dignified and law abiding.

    I should write a book.

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