Report on Australia's "Sunday Night" TV Program: Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult.

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  • baltar447

    Well he probably learned how to run his cult by imitating the WT.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    No doubt it's very significant.

    The JW past effects everyone in different ways.

    Some become suicidal nutjobs. Others become cult leaders. These are just two negative possible negative consequences. There are many other outcomes of course, but perh aps this is a topic for a new thread...

    The Oracle

  • james_woods
    James, why do you think I or anyone else believes that the JW religion caused Miller to believe he is Jesus because I don't and I don't know of anybody who would? Of course, the beliefs he was raised with could have some influence on him, but surely Witness beliefs wouldn't influence him to believe he was Jesus and no one is intimating that this is so? Blaming the Witnesses in this matter was never the issue.

    Agreed, Barbara.

  • JWOP

    Is this another Donald Burney in the making?

  • JWOP

    Okay, now I've viewed the videos: This isn't Donald Burney, this is the Australian version of David Koresh.

    Anyone in Australia who is unaware of the David Koresh "situation", should certainly educate themselves. It's already weird that Miller looks like Koresh, but his methods and the progression of his cult are eerily similar.

    Rick Ross is a terrific cult expert, I'm very glad he's on to this group.

    Addendum: Koresh originated from Seventh Day Adventism.... Didn't the JW's have a similar origination?

  • smiddy

    Great pic Black Sheep.


  • Gayle

    When some organized religious groups, teach an "end time" doctrine and incessantly stress the need, it seems from them some people take it a step further and get even more radical.

    "End time" - ism draws people who are emotionally and mentally struggling. "End time" gives imbalanced support, understanding yet creates dependence on the group leader. Cults discourage anyone getting 'professional' help. They want God (but is in reality an individual/group) to just quickly end their struggle. Then, they 'depend' on it and even when there are crazy things happening within in their group, they can't/won't see it.

    Now-a-days, hopefully with media/internet, these groups get exposure more quickly before they draw too many people.

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