Report on Australia's "Sunday Night" TV Program: Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult.

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  • AndersonsInfo

    I was told by an Australian XJW that this cult leader, Alan John Miller, was raised a JW. If this is so and anybody has additional info. about him, please give us your input.




    I didn't watch the program until after I started this thread. Now I'm watching the video and it was just mentioned that Miller was indeed a JW until his falling out with the leadership over his involvement with a prostitute.


  • james_woods

    Good God, Barbara - the guy actually looks a lot like David Koresh!

    Does he also like 1969 Camaros, machine guns, and underage girls?

    On the other hand - what real difference does it make if he grew up as a JW - you could stretch things and say that Dwight D. Eisenhower did, too...

  • AndersonsInfo

    James, I take it you would rather not know that this guy was a JW? This board was created especially for discussion about JWs, and this guy was a JW and now he's a cult leader who is making the news because of his claims of being Jesus and who has enormous influence over his followers and that reminds people of Waco.

    Why shouldn't we know this fact about his JW past?

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Obviously, Alan John Miller has successfully used what he learned as a witness.

    Very scary.

    Thanks for the info, Barbara.

  • tresdecu
  • tresdecu

    Interesting...thanks for sharing Barbara. How the hell do people fall for this $hit....uh, oh wait...

    P.S. I like 69 cameros


    Hey Barbara!..

    Good Thread..

    Ya I`ve seen this guy before..

    He got DF`d and started his own religion..

    He claims to be Jesus and says we better get used to it..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • james_woods

    No, Barbara - what I was saying was that I don't think that his formerly being a witness (or not) would necessarily have CAUSED him to do this.

    He is simply a true nut-case crazy, and I don't think we can fairly blame the witnesses for THAT.

  • Black Sheep
  • AndersonsInfo

    James, why do you think I or anyone else believes that the JW religion caused Miller to believe he is Jesus because I don't and I don't know of anybody who would? Of course, the beliefs he was raised with could have some influence on him, but surely Witness beliefs wouldn't influence him to believe he was Jesus and no one is intimating that this is so? Blaming the Witnesses in this matter was never the issue.

    Incidentally, reporting that Miller was a former JW must of meant something to the Sunday Night TV producer/reporter too because they included the information in the program knowing that some of the viewers would find that important, although some might not. Although you are not interested in knowing that he was a JW or that Eisenhower grew up in the Witness religion, many of us do. Different strokes for different folks, hey?

    Sorry, but I didn't know about the older thread on this subject until someone pointed it out above, but what makes it interesting to me is that an important TV program covered the story. Anyway, it's worth bringing up again for new ones to the board.


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