Top 10 EASIEST WAYS TO FADE....lets use our new Code words ( I will do 2 of 10 )

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  • dreamgolfer

    1. Move out of your assigned Congo Territory - with gas going back to $ 4 a gallon, they wont come hunting for you

    2. Stop going to meetings because you:_______________________________________________

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    Too "depressed" to go.


  • Sapphy

    2. Stop going to meetings because you:

    a) have unspecified allergies
    b) are depressed c) have to work late
    d)'are stumbled'

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    The answer is: The new light in the KH hurts my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BluesBrother

    Take your time, prepare the ground, wind down gradually so that when you miss a few they are not surprised.

    Let it be known that you are depressed , been stumbled, not feeling well, suffer from chronic tiredness syndrome....and when or if anybody calls you bend their ear with all your aches and pains so they do not want to come again

    They won't try too hard....

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    2. Stop going to meetings because you ...

    • moved away and can't find a local KH.
    • moved away and the KH is in a bad neighborhood that I should stay away from.
    • moved away to university and are tired of being criticized for pursuing "higher education."
    • have developed a severe case of Religio-Tourette's Syndrome. Whenever you go into a religious building, you begin to curse uncontrollably.
  • Emery

    Because you began seeing ghosts at the Kingdom Hall.

  • Heaven

    1) My job is too busy and I don't have the time to give to the organization.

    2) I don't have enough money to give to the organization.

  • JakeM2012

    You have a general anxiety disorder and you are uncomfortable around crowds and especially people sitting behind you.

  • blondie

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