Nice 1975 quote from F Franz, in 1975

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  • scary21

    That doctrine came out in 1966. I was twelve years old. I had to live ALL my teen years in fear and guilt thinking I was going to die when I was 21. Hence my name Scary 21. I just never could make the lie (truth) my own. I loved the world to much. My favorite days of the week were Wed. and Thurs. because there was no meetings or service. Yes, our meeting was on Fridays that sucked for a teen. The whole 1975 was one big mind f%@&%

    I got married at 16 so I could get the hell away and have SOME life before the big A. That is how this cult ruled the path of my life. I know if I was not told about 1975 over and over and over again I would not have thought the same way. Would not have Quit school . Collage was demonized like it is now at that time too.

    Years later I brought it up to my mom. She said she never thought it would come in 1975. Would that not be very CRUEL to tell your young daughter that it was going to come in 1975 when you did not belive it would ????? We all know the truth !

    Scary Sherry

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  • LisaRose

    I think we are the same age Scary. But I was an old lady of almost 18 when I got married. You had to get hitched before the big A, or no sex for you !

    Maybe your mom did think the end would come in 1975, but doesn't remember it, we do tend to revise history in our minds a bit, usually in a way that is a bit more flattering and/or protects our belief system. Or maybe she didn't believe it, but was afraid to say so

    I remember thinking it probably would end in 75, until about 73 or 74, when it started looking like nothing horrible was happening, it started to seem improbable. By the time 75 was over I stopped thinking about it one way or another.

  • scary21

    Lisa. my mom believed in 1975 for sure. I was just being sarcastic lol. I know my mom, if she did not believe she would have confided it to me.

    She is just brainwashed. I bet most JW would say the GB never said it, or they never REALLY thought that. Their brains were washed Revised history !

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