When was the last time you had someone appointed in your cong?

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  • finally awake
    finally awake

    There was only one new elder appointed in the hall I attended - roughly 12 years. He has since been deleted and no longer attends meetings.

  • hijosdelawatch

    I think the problem in some congregations is the idea the Elders and MS have about themselves. They think about them as an exclusive group of chosen ones between the congregation, the ones with power and they don't want to share it.

    I've seen a regular pioneer in their 20s not being appointed as MS because some weird reason (once was costume, other times was another thing was said...). Nobody could undertand that. His number 3 talks were better than any talk from the Elders.

    Finally, he got burnt and became inactive.

    In other congregation (when I grew up) we were like 5-6 guys in their teens. We sat at meetings but we never received any attention from the Elders. We wanted to help but didn't get an aswer. Finally, as it's normal, all of them became inactive seeing that they were going to the meetings but nobody cared about their spiritual progress. I was the only one staying but finally moved to another congregation because of that. A couple of months ago, the Elders of that congo called me to know if I wanted to come back. This is what I did (but with the middle finger).

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