When was the last time you had someone appointed in your cong?

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  • Splash

    For my cong, apart from those moving in, we last had an elder appointed 16 years ago.

    We last had some MS's appointed about 3 years ago.

    Our BOE are getting old, 3 in their 80's, 1 in his 70's and three in their 60's.

    They all work hard, but when their time comes, they deteriorate quickly.



    In my congregation there have been no appointments for about 5 or 6 years. Only new people moving in to escape thier congregations and come to where the grass is a little greener. No one is good enough to make the cut. Or like me, the refuse to accept the job. Once you are of a certain age and awareness level, you have nothing they want, or can use. They sure don't want a confident, faithful, Christian speaking truth from a stage.

  • ninja_matty69

    Are you witnesses? I thought most people here were not reading the comments.

    yes i have noticed few appointments in the last 15 year

  • JWOP

    I am not a Jehovah's Witness -- I was df'd as an apostate eight years ago. HOWEVER.... many here are Jehovah's Witnesses who are incognito. Some are questioning, some are on the fence, and some are attempting a successful "fade" in order to maintain family ties. You really don't know who is who unless they "come out".

  • DesirousOfChange

    Two Elder appointments in the past 7 years. Also 3 new MS -- only one "born in". The others are older dudes.

    Three Elder deletions -- 1 for age (infirm); 1 for "sin"; 1 genuinely sincere bro who was just disgusted working with the others and threw in the towel.

    At the same time, at least 3 moved to help out other Congs.


  • blondie

    2 elders were moved in by the WTS. 2 others were reappointed elders, a wife abuser and an alcoholic. No MS appointed so sisters are doing some of the work behind the scene, accounts and time though their husbands present it as their own. Out of 10 teenage males in the last 15 years, only one remains going to the meetings but holds off from any "responsibilities."

    The elders have been crying to the CO about no MS candidates and having to do the non-teaching work. COs have put the kibosh on having women openly doing the paperwork or doing microphones, etc. Around here the WTS has been bringing in elders from other areas even other states and making them the COBOE.

    Also in many congregations, I know of elders that stepped down and refuse to be reappointed, not wanting to deal with the in-fighting on the BOE.

  • blondie

    DOC, I thought the WTS policy was not to delete elders due to ill health or age..........

    *** w08 8/15 p. 20 par. 16 Jehovah Tenderly Cares for His Elderly Servants ***Consider Johan, who at 80 years of age cares full-time for his faithful, now invalid, wife, Sannie. Sisters take turns staying with Sannie so that Johan can go to meetings and in the ministry. Recently, however, Johan felt that he was near the breaking point emotionally and began thinking that he should no longer serve as a congregation elder. “What’s the point of my being an elder?” he asked as tears welled up in his eyes. “I no longer perform any useful function in the congregation.” His fellow elders assured him that his experience and judgment were invaluable. They urged him to continue serving as an elder, even if his participation was limited. Greatly encouraged, Johan continues to serve as an elder, to the blessing of the congregation.

    *** w90 9/1 p. 22 par. 17 Are You Reaching Out? ***Because of health problems or for other reasons, some who once cared for important congregation duties do not presently have such privileges. These should not be discouraged. We know that many faithful men no longer able to serve as fully as they once did are still standing firm as integrity keepers. (Psalm 25:21) Indeed, humble longtime elders can continue to make their experience available by remaining on the body of elders. Though handicapped by age or disabilities, they need not step down.


    Minsterial Servant about 18 months ago.

    Elder about a year ago.

    Body of elders consist of:

    men in their 50's and 60's

    Most aged 45 and younger.

    Most are good men but a couple are what I like to call Stepford-JWs. I swear they have a factory out west where they put these Skinjobs together..

    WT is mother, WT is father, Long live WT. BING! WT is mother, WT is father...

  • Splash

    This could be what the new Elder School is about at the end of the year.

    There is currently no proper training for men to reach out. No encouragement, no incentive.

    It's very poor that after a decade or more no brother qualifies for recommendation - what does that tell you about the appointed men?

    We have had CO items to the local BOE and Assembly items about men not reaching out.

    There should be a formal training program to bring the skills and understanding up, then that might create the desire to serve.


  • Iamallcool

    When I was in, they appointed MS and/or Elders regularly, I only remember they did not recommend anyone during one CO visit since they did not announce any new appointments after few weeks of the CO visit.

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