New article: "The Girl Who Took On The Watchtower - Candace Conti Speaks Out"

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  • nugget

    thank you for the additional clarification. It is always interesting to get the perspective of an outsider to the events and also to find out what the lawyer felt was the main purpose of the case. The societies efforts to spin the events for their own ends means that this information is needed so that we are not sucked into their agenda.

  • kurtbethel

    Anthony has a sort of Bush sneer going on.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    That was an exceptionally well written article, Cedars. You certainly have a talent for identifying the Watchtower's weaknesses and hypocrisy.

    BTW - The last part of Rick Simons' presentation is on YouTube. But this is not the end. There is more...

    Sorry. Can't seem to get the video to show properly. Just go to YouTube direct.

    Also available at

    In the next couple of videos, selected questions from the audience will be presented. Some of the replies by Candace and Mr. Simons are very revealing. A lot of additional information comes out that reveals what was happening in the background. I hope to have all edited and online by Friday morning.


  • cedars

    Thanks for your hard work in creating these hard-hitting videos Juan, they really help to get the message across - especially when the information is presented with someone of Rick Simons' professional experience, sincerity and eloquence.

    I keep adding each successive video to the playlist featured on my article, so they should hopefully receive the attention they deserve.

    The more I watch these videos, the more I wish I could have been there in person!!


  • irondork

    It's always like this. The Catholic church was concerned for the wellbeing of their priests FIRST. The Penn. State officials were concerned about their football program FIRST. The quote provided in your article showed Anthony Morris concerned about the "fine men" FIRST.

    Anthony Morris: And frankly, there’s been some fine men that were falsely accused, but because we went by the scriptures it all came out that it was a lie. And then you have some that are guilty, well we handle that.

    The children, THE VICTIMS are always the afterthought.

    How did that mindest evolve? When you are involved in or come upon an automobile accident you immediately jump out and rush to see if the people (the potential victims) are okay! It's a natural response. We do it without thinking. We worry about the car or who might be at fault later.

    How did this process break down?

  • cedars

    For those who are interested, I've updated the article with a little of what Rick had to say in this latest video - i.e. "The Watchtower needs more than one lesson!"

    I found that part of his comments quite fascinating.


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