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  • Jim_TX

    A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I visited her aunt on saturday. When we were leaving, I happened to glance down and spotted some 'trash' that had evidently fallen from the door and was down in and among the potted plants that share the porch space.

    I instantly knew what it was from the 'look', and reached down and grabbed it as we were walking to our vehicle.

    Sure enuf, it was a 4-page small pamphlet... some sort of preaching words... (I didn't read them), and then on the back side was a stamped 'invitation' for the person to go to their District Assembly the last week in July.

    Ummm... Belton, TX is about 150 miles away from here. I'm so SURE that someone would drive 150 miles to go to something that they just read about on a pamphlet stuck in their door. NOT!

    Are these people daft? Do they REALLY think that they are doing 'good' by going door-knocking and leaving these pieces of trash?

    Don't bother... I already know the answer. <shakes head>


    Jim TX

  • whathappened

    What a waste of our natural resources. Any JW materials I get meet with an unglorious fate of being thrown in our dumpster.


    It`s a 2hr drive for any JW to get into these mountains..

    I got a pamphlet Stuffed in my door advertising an assembly 4 hrs away..

    It says:

    "You will want to make sure you hear the fascinating talk"

    "The former things will not...Come up into the heart"

    The title of the talk makes no sense..

    Driving 4 hrs to listen to it,makes no sense..

    Driving 2 hrs to bring a pamphlet here makes no sense..

    It`s not Fascinating..

    It`s WatchTarded..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Jim_TX

    Outlaw - you crack me up.

    "The former things will not...Come up into the heart"

    No... but they may come up as mini-vomit in my mouth...

    I don't have that pamphlet anymore. I was going to use it to type some of the words onto this message, but my wife mis-understood my snatching it, and thought that I meant to throw it away... which I would've after I read it a bit more.

    Oh well. It's better that it got tossed. I usually rip those things in half... then half again... then toss them.

  • DT

    They will waste all that paper and then ask you to only use one paper towl at the convention.

  • Jim_TX
    They will waste all that paper and then ask you to only use one paper towl at the convention.

    Hmmm... interesting... perhaps one is supposed to collect and keep those nicely provided papers and take them to the assembly to be used for hand-drying, and bottom-shining.

  • yknot


    What happens if Armageddon starts tomorrow? And here you threw away their only known 'invitation' into the ark.....(LOL)

    Belton sucks ....(granted having everyone drive to Dallas was even worse)....

    Should have never moved the DC outta San Antonio!


    BTW Belton has been confirmed for 2013 DC

  • Jim_TX

    Yknot -

    If the big A happens tomorrow... oh well. <shrugs> hahahaha

    As to the DA being in Belton, I went there once - years ago. Well, let me correct that. My ex-wife went there once. My daughter had missed one of the days of the ASS-m-ble that she wuz s'posed to go to, so decided to go to the next one to get to sit thru... well... whatever. So, I decided that I could use a day out, and told them that I would drive them there. I was told a multiple of times that I - too - was welcome to go inside and sit there. I declined. I said that I would be able to find something to do whilst they were at their meeting. Which I did.

    Anyway, one question that I have is why are they building those A-Halls - and even have one right here in good ol' San Antone - and then go and pay for one of these places? Seems to me like they could save a TON of money if they had ... like... 2 or even 3 D-Asses and use their own facility. I've been inside the one here in Windcrest, and it's HUGE! It may not be able to hold the same amount of people as the facility in Belton, but I'm sure that they could work that bit out.

    I guess it means... maybe they make more money by using the facility in Belton.

    one question that I have is why are they building those A-Halls -

    A-Halls for A-Holes..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • JakeM2012

    Yes, Belton stinks. No resturants around the site for at least a half hour +++ ride either north or south. One of the last that I went to had the ice skating rink under plywood with the seats on top of that. The elderly were freezing to death on the floor. I was quite comfortable. it was coooooold.

    I thought it was hilarious that they had wired phones thoughout the convention area that brothers in the telecommunications work had to come in early and stay late to "plug in" and "un-plug". Evidently, the co's couldn't do this. You know they haven't had much training.

    I also remember that at one cir. assembly DO Coinyavich (spelling like it sounds) started to harass the elders about sitting up front at the elders meeting. There were no chairs where he wanted people to sit. He made such a stink about the "weak elders" in the group that we had to bring chairs up and put them in front of him so that he would shut up. There were other comments he made; I just assumed he hated elders and the rest.

    San Antonio was sweat. Riverwalk, resturants, ambiance, fun, Oh, but they saved $125.00 by going to Belton.

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