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  • leeza

    So, because men change their minds, it makes sense that the Scriptures warn us not to follow the laws/traditions of men. Going along with that, Jesus' tells us that their are 2 laws that we are to follow: 1. Love God with our whole heart, mind, and soul. 2. Love our neighbors/others as ourselves. Do we not see that by turning to the WTO as our absolute, infallible "law makers," we are following the rules of men? So often, the elders and the governing body remind me of the sadduceds , scribes, and pharisees.

  • konceptual99

    The blood doctrine is one of the major aspects of my current crisis of conscience. For years I have found it less and less logical, especially when considering what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. It is completely illogical:

    1.The categorisation of what is and isn't blood. Why the current lines in sand? Why the regular changes in understanding? Either blood isn't acceptable or it is.

    2. The acceptance of cell saver technology in the face of the "blood must be poured out" command. If you are going to take the commands on face value (ignoring all the points about context regarding timing with Noah, Mosaic law and Acts) then can anyone really suggest this is not a convienent workaround just like modern jews using PIR technology to turn lights on and off on the sabbath since flicking a light switch is making a fire and therefore work.

    3. Jesus showed the saving of life transcended the mosaic law.

    4. The biggy for me - to get the benefit of blood fractions someone has to donate the stuff. We would face a JC if we did yet we are are prepared to use the product.

    5. The impact on Jehovah's name. It's been an horrendous "witness" over the years. JWs are still known for this policy and no one can understand it.

    The point to me is respect for life. If believe in God then the point is if you are showing respect for life and the source of the life. This straining of the gnat shows no respect for life.

    You try watering down a birthday party and see how far it gets you... if you had a just a cake (no candles even) or just a couple of presents for you kids and let the elders know that you are just having "fractions of a birthday" - see how far you get. And that's on something that has far less clear room for interpretation as wrong than blood.

    The whole thing is an absolute mess and should always have been a conscience thing at most. They will never really turn it around though thanks to not wanting to open up the WTS to being sued.

  • jwfacts

    There are many holes it the Elders argument, but it is usually pointless getting into a doctrinal debate with a "follower".

    A one line response could be:

    "If you claim God has remained consistent on his stance, as has the Bible, how can you believe the Watchtower represents either God or the Bible when their stance has constantly changed?"

  • LV101

    I'm copying your post, Billy, and will try to show to witnesses somehow/someway.

    Too bad you can't inform/educate their clergy class/FDS/Gov. Body.

  • LV101

    jwfacts --- copying yours, also. Maybe I'll just copy the entire post and frame.

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