Best British Bands

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  • undercover

    If we open it up to Ireland.....where do we end it?


    Men Without Hats!


  • cedars


    Dammit Cedars. You can't do that. If we open it up to Ireland.....where do we end it?

    Unless you want to start talking about Thin Lizzy, you probably don't need to "end it" anywhere beyond U2. When it comes to Irish bands, they're one of a kind. Let's face it, their principal competition is provided by the likes of Westlife and Boyzone! Need I say more? Besides, Ireland though independent is in the British Isles!! And Bono was even voted among the 100 Greatest Britons if I recall...

    Don't mean to offend any of our dear Irish posters, by the way!!


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    1. Manic Street Preachers

    2. Fleetwood Mac

    3. Duran Duran

    4. Stereophonics

    5. Led Zep

    (Notice how I've managed to squeeze not 1, but 2 Welsh bands in my top 5........!)

  • cedars

    FYI - If I am forced to drop U2 from my list for political reasons, I have Oasis re-formed and warming up on the subs bench!


  • hoser


    The La's

    Arctic Monkeys

  • Lozhasleft

    Beatles and so many more...guys check out Slydigs a new northern Uk band, just got an album contract, going places and really great guys.

    Loz x

  • MrsCedars

    Does it have to be top 10? there is so many British bands worth of mention (I love British artists somebody please make thread for solo ones!!)

    Queen, U2 (for a long time I thought they were from UK, it's all the same to us Europeans anyway –sorry about my ignorance), Oasis, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Keane, The Stone Roses, Florence and the Machine (with the Machine she is a band :), Depeche Mode (Yay 80s), The Cure, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, The Doors, Stereophonics (Yay Wales!!!), Fleetwod Mac, Arctic Monkeys ...... and so many others

  • wasblind

    What about Paul MacCartney's band " Wings " I couldn't get enough of them back in the day

  • Splash

    1. The Smiths

    2. The Jam

    3. Sex Pistols

    4. Muse

    5. Sleeper

    6. David Bowie

    7. Iron Maiden

    8. The Who

    9. Coldplay

    10. Take That

  • aposta-Z

    How could I forget the Smiths?! Damn!

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