2013 CA and SAD programs released. More Safegaurd your mind control stuff.

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  • darthweef

    Special Assembly Day of
    Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Program 2012-2013
    Safeguard Your Conscience —1 Tim. 1:19.

    Morning Session
    9:50 10:00
    10:15 10:30
    10:55 11:05
    11:35 12:05
    Music Song No. 71 and Prayer
    Why Your Inner Voice Needs Safeguarding
    How to Train Your Conscience
    “Clean From the Blood of All Men”—How So?
    Song No. 107 and Announcements
    Is Your Conscience Truly Guided by Bible Principles?
    Dedication and Baptism Song No. 60
    Afternoon Session
    1:20 Music
    1:30 Song No. 43
    1:35 Experiences
    1:45 Summary of The Watchtower
    2:15 Do Not Wound the Conscience of Your Brother!
    2:30 Young Ones Who Bear Up Under Grievous Things
    2:45 Song No. 115 and Announcements 2:55 Follow Your Spirit-Directed Conscience 3:55 Song No. 65 and Prayer

    Circuit Assembly of
    Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Program 2012-2013
    Safeguard Your Mind
    —Matt. 22:37.

    Music Song No. 119 and Prayer
    Think God’s Thoughts, Not Man’s
    Theocratic Ministry School
    Song No. 114 and Announcements
    Lifting the Veil That Blinds the Mind
    Dedication and Baptism
    Song No. 63


    1:20 Music
    1:30 Song No. 29
    1:35 Experiences
    1:45 Symposium: Keep This Mental Attitude
    - Readiness of Mind
    - Lowliness of Mind
    - Oneness of Mind
    - Soundness of Mind

    2:45 Song No. 115 and Announcements
    2:55 Meditation That Safeguards the Mind
    3:25 Who Molds Your Thinking?
    3:55 Song No. 69 and Prayer

    Music Song No. 70 and Prayer
    Feed Your Mind at Jehovah’s Table Each Day
    Symposium: Reflect the Mind of Christ
    in Your Family
    ? Husbands, Continue Loving Just as Christ Loved
    ? Wives, Appreciate Your Value in God’s Eyes ? Parents, Bring Up Your Children in the
    “Mental-Regulating of Jehovah”
    ? Young Ones, Make the Truth Your Own
    Song No. 83 and Announcements
    Summary of The Watchtower
    Giving Attention to the Needs of the Circuit
    Song No. 55

    1:30 Music
    1:40 Song No. 121 and Prayer
    1:50 Public Address: Keep Close in Mind Jehovah’s Day!
    2:20 Song No. 32 and Announcements
    2:30 “Brace Up Your Minds for Activity”
    3:00 Let the Peace of God Guard Your Mental Powers
    3:30 Song No. 76 and Prayer

    Listen for the Answers to These Questions:
    1. How can we avoid thinking ‘man’s thoughts’?
    2. How can we help lift the veil that blinds the minds of unbelievers?
    3. What mental attitude do we want to have?
    4. What are the benefits of proper meditation?
    5. How can we allow Jehovah to mold our thinking?
    6. How can husbands, wives, parents, and children contribute to family happiness?
    7. How can we be ready for Jehovah’s day?
    8. What does it mean to brace up our minds for activity?
    9. What benefit comes to those who apply what they learn?

  • baltar447

    Sounds positively barf-tastic!!!

  • blondie

    A lot of mind control going on, still going on.

  • Gayle

    Thanks Darthweef,,same old same old obviously.

    side note::: also, I see they do baptisms at SADs and CAs,,just wondering why on a news report, the article states that baptisms opportunity is 'twice a year' versus 3xs a yr? http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/news/2012/jul/07/jehovahs-witness-convention-held-in-duluth/ Designed for the entire family, the weekend is devoted to spiritual teachings and is one of only two opportunities a year for congregants to be baptised. ???

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Wow. They're not even TRYING to hide it.

    Do they pass the kool aid out before or after the last song?

  • smiddy

    Aren`t these programs based on material that was presented in assemblys/ conventions 50 years ago ?


  • 3rdgen

    @Smiddy, yes.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Groan. Three days of life totally wasted.


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Where's Jesus in all this? It's always the same...always about the organisation and strengthening your membership in it.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    SMIDDY/3RDGEN - so you think this is a rehash of 50-year-old material? I was kind of stunned how culty/mind controll-y it was - seems pretty desperate.

    Unless I'm just way wore sensitive than I used to be. . .

  • MrFreeze

    On a mind-control level from 1-10, 10 being the highest, I place both programs at 11.

  • Heartofaboy

    Do you get any sense that even one act of worship is likely to take place on any one these 3 days?

  • WTWizard

    Going against nature, as usual. No wonder it is so hard to remain on this path.

    I would rather feed at the Table of Demons. No going against human nature there. No having to make drastic changes. No having to waste my life preaching to others door to door, or having tons of stupid rules. In fact, stupidity is just about the only sin at the Table of Demons. Stupidity is the only thing allowed at the table of Jehovah, and I would rather have stupidity (the deliberate kind, where you disregard research or things you reasonably should know) be banned rather than human nature.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Insight on the News - Trendy Sermonizing

    What about today? “The sermons now seem to give people what they want instead of giving them what they ought to be saying,” Wentz says. Today’s sermons are short, averaging 10 to 20 minutes, are usually in the form of stories with “cutesy characters” and are meant to entertain. Most people want something to “titillate their feelings and emotions,” he adds.

    w84 3/15 p. 26

  • blondie

    1. How can we avoid thinking ‘man’s thoughts’?

    Quit going to meetings

    circuit assemblies

    special assembly days

    district/international conventions

    field service

    Stop reading WTS publications

    Don't discuss "theocratic" topics with jws or anyone

  • simon17

    I like the title of this thread and think it would be great if one day they really had a talk entitled "Safeguard your Mind Control" lol

  • Quendi

    It has been seven years since I last went to a CA, DA or SAD. I see I haven't missed out on anything good or useful. To the contrary, I've spared myself much mental and emotional abuse!


  • DaCheech

    mind and conscience?

    more about not stumbling others, and snitching on others.

    more about not thinking about the GB 24/7

    more about not walking without thinking about the GB!

    more more more more

    I think their mind is gonna short circuit

  • strymeckirules

    "Clean from the blood of all men - how so?"

    like MANY of the JW literature titles, it can be read as a brainless question or an EDUCATED ACCUSATION.

    how so... this expression is a mind control trigger. this is the JDUB gears turning. you don't get to think or answer, the publication will answer the question for you.

  • slimboyfat

    "Safeguard your mind control" - I like it.

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