The Smoking Gun in the Conti Case!

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    It still makes me sick that they are more concerned with a poor girl supposedly "using" abuse to get things (who cares if she did?! So what? Who could blame her?!!) , than the abuse itself...Ugh. Horrible.

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    Kally the other thread had a title that was not drawing people in. If I could have changed it I would have. I am not trying to steal any glory, but it seemed that many did not read that thread because they didnt know/care about what a depo is.

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    Very well then..please, pardon me.


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    for those who haven't read these documents

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    Crisis of Conscience


    Thank you!

  • arwen

    A smoking gun, indeed....thanks for sharing.

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    Watchtower lawyers are so low they could dangle their legs over the edge of a cigarette paper


  • AnnOMaly

    The more I read of the court documents and depo extracts, the more my heart aches for Candace.

    More smoking guns:

    What this says is that the WTS knew Kendrick was removed from being a MS in 1993 for, not just 'uncleanness,' but specifically for child molestation - this is how the WTS categorized the sin/crime.

    To fill in some details on the second scan, it wasn't the elders who notified the police. One of the Fremont elders' testimony states they didn't notify the police. Yet here on this form, by 1998 they knew that the police had been notified by someone (presumably by the mother and step-daughter), that a police report had been made, however no court action ensued.

    And yet we know that Kendrick was convicted of,

    243.4(c) - (Prior Code) Sexual battery involving restrained person07/19/1994

    According to this code, he molested somebody while she was unconscious (asleep), which fits with the elders' testimony about what Kendrick confessed.

    However, rather than it being 'inadvertent,' Kendrick's then-wife Evelyn testified that her step-daughter told the elders that he "had given her Vicodin, watched T.V. with her in her bedroom" and, not only touched her breast, but did other stuff to her too!

    There's a conflict of evidence here as far as determining what the elders were told about the extent of the molestation. Nevertheless, he was convicted of the crime and the elders were at least aware that he had been reported to the authorities. ...

  • AnnOMaly

    ... Candace's abuse began c.1994 when she was about 9, in the wake of all the step-daughter business, and only ended when Kendrick moved away in 1997 (to Oakley). During that time, he divorced his wife Evelyn and was on his own. Also, this was the time of Candace's parents' messy divorce. According to her, Kendrick would bear hug her at the meetings and make her sit on his lap. She hated it, tried to get away but couldn't. The parents were either oblivious to this or saw nothing untoward in his behavior (her father was often at the meeting on his own). Why didn't the elders notice his over-familiarity with the girl and do something - especially as the last incident of molestation was recent history?

    According to the pieces picked up from the depos, Kendrick was seen to be trustworthy by the parents, they had no idea of the incident with the step-daughter, and Candace's father let Kendrick babysit her after the Sunday meeting, which is when the abuse escalated.

    Something else of note: the second scan shows that the Fremont elders failed to do what even the WTS had instructed them to do (a BOE letter in 1995, I believe) which was to inform the molester's new congregation's elders of just who they were getting. Still, even though that oversight was rectified a few months after he moved, it didn't stop Kendrick abusing a member of his new step-family in 2002.

    And who was it who blew the whistle on him this time? His new step-son, who had long known something was off about him, raided his computer, found child porn that hadn't been deleted properly and also whose 8 year old daughter, he discovered, had been molested too.

    I won't post scans here (too graphic?), but if anyone wants to read the police report, see:

    12/20/11Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support Filed

    Pages 40 to 43. There are some eye-popping statements there. Worth a look.

    To add: Thank you blond-moment for providing a pdf formatted download. It made reading and searching through a whole lot easier.</form>

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