Have you felt to have Holy Spirit?

by wolfman85 34 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nambo

    Sent you a PM Wolfman

  • snowbird
    Snowbird, Thats interesting about feeling Auras, can you describe what you feel and what it tells you about the person?

    It's sort of like a "hunch."

    I'm able to tell immediately what the person is feeling.

    I used to keep it to myself so people wouldn't think I was weird.

  • wolfman85

    Nambo, I answered your PM, thank you. GBY

  • Diest

    I never felt the holy spirit, I prayed for it many times but it never seemed to be there. I think one of the large differences in who feels it and who doesn’t lies more in personality types. I think the more analytical types like me rarely seem to feel it while those who run more off of feelings have a greater chance of feeling something.

    I don't want discount what you feel or what is right for you. I did find it odd that when I finally stopped believing in a personal god I also lost a fear of demons and spiritism, while at the same time bad dreams relating to such things have gone away. In a sense I felt a sort of self-fulfilling HS by just realizing I had to believe in myself and others more and stop blaming external forces.

  • transhuman68

    I don't want to stomp all over a believer's thread...but honestly, people believe because it makes them happy and gives them some kind of fulfilment. But if it makes you unhappy that you haven't got the Holy Spirit, or reached Nirvana, or got to the seventh heaven- then stop believing. It makes no difference...the world won't stop spinning...

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