Does MAGIC exist or doesnt it? Sick of crap from WT

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  • hamsterbait

    Magic as a "force" has been debunked. No sane person believes it is real. (Except of course jehoobie - and it makes him real sad an' mean mad!)

    And the Witchtower Babble and Trick Borganisation.

    What PROOF do they have? A few unsubstantiated claims in their comics the Witchtower and Asleep!

    Screaming rings, talking snakes and dirty talkin' demons whispering in old ladies' ears. Why are they so gullible and superstitious? IN the "Wicked Spirits" booklet, they say that demons killed several members of a womans family. No evidence: Accept as the word of the Gibbering Buddy, as revealed to them by their Supporting Character jehoobie, and his side -dish crispy fried Jesus.

    Has an apologist ever tried to prove magic exists on this board? Is it possible to do so?


  • shamus100

    Im not aware of an apologist trying to prove that majic exists.

    Obviously, it doesn't. Jobie Nitwits use it as a scare tactic.

    Don't buy used jeans!! D: They're old and smelly.... those are demons to me.. ;)

  • John_Mann

    Wash your dishes after the meal is pure magic (wizard level if you use a dishwasher).

  • shamus100

    Demon stories used to fascinate me when I was a dubber... I was fascinated that people actually believed them.

    I knew a few people who swore they had demon attacks. The stories were, um, stunning.... D: silly.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    I knew a few people who swore they had demon attacks

    Yes...but since leaving the bOrg, I haven't met anyone who has experienced demons. But then, I knew/know more JWs with mental issues than non-JWs. Any connection do you think..?

  • criticalwitness

    when you look at the orgs lit they promote this kind of respectful fear of satan his demons and their power why? why respect someone so vile? why fear if you are on the side of jehovah? really whats the point of being on jehovahs side if you stlii must fear his adviary? id venture to say we have more modern accounts of satans power and talking than jehovah gota make you wonder?

  • shamus100


    Yep. They crunch anti-depressants like there is no tomorrow.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Yep. They crunch anti-depressants like there is no tomorrow.

    Lol, you're not wrong. I recall reading somewhere of the high number of dubs on 'medication', and I totted up all the people I (personally)know/knew (both JW and non-JW) who are/were on long-term medication and the numbers were veryunbalanced. Bet you can guess which way..? lol

    (A thread on this would be interesting.)

  • sacolton

    Why not produce a video of Caleb coming home and conjuring a imp or making furniture float around? That's REAL magic! When was the last time anyone saw REAL magic? NEVER! Why? Because it DOESN'T EXIST!

  • BluesBrother

    "The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces."

    NB If you could prove that it existed, then it would be understood as a natural force and would not be magic anymore.....

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