How Will The Watchtower Handle Disclosure?

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  • sizemik

    The leap from Unidentified Flying Object to Extraterrestrials is a very big one IMO.

    A UFO is not automatically an alien craft . . . it's simply unidentified and may have a number of very different explanations. In fact, if a UFO is definitively labelled an alien craft . . . it's technically no longer a UFO, as it's been identified.

    Anything beyond "Unidentified" is speculation until a preponderance of evidence supports the claim.

    But UFO's in the strict sense of the acronym do exist.

  • jemba

    JWFacts has a similar explanation to 'The athiests book of bible stories' on the alien/UFO subject. If you have a look at the timeline in that book it kinda makes sense that we are not making contact at the same time in millions of years of time.

  • metatron

    While I think UFOs are real, admittedly we can't prove that they are strictly extraterrestrial. They could be vistors from the future or some other dimension. However, as to our adjustment to their reality, I think that's not a major issue.

    We could encounter a weird situation little different from Fukushima in which the world at large simply ignores a major significant event. We could see nations such as India, China and France openly accept and even meet with these beings while the US stays in a limbo of denial.

    I would think that Asian nations or heavily secular ones (as in Europe) will be more willing to accept their presence than the US. It gets kind of scary when you consider how many people in positions of power here are born again Christians.


  • witnessdater

    Weird thing is, I don't know of any accounts much before the advent of human flight...actual aliens would very likely be far, far advanced, thousands and thousands of years ahead ....they would have been here long ago. I have seen three UFOs, with a witness beside me. I alos know what our secretive government does with experiments of psychology upon us. Calm down everyone, UFOs are the government.....and time travel is impossible. Else we would have seen evidence of it and its ends long, long ago. Live in reality people.

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  • mP


    Those scriptures are nonsense, everything in the skies was amazing and great for the ancients. They all believed comets were doom and gloom or announced kings and more. This nonsense belief was shared by Matthew and iswhy he included the made up story about the star of Bethelem. Everything on earth was in reach for man, but stuff up there in the sky was unreachable. If they saw a plane in the sky or a kids balloon they would gasp in awe and tell you it was the greatst thing ever and god wants this or that or its the end of the world and more. Take a look at eclipses, they all thought it was the end of the world, literally.

  • mP


    The story of Joshua and the standing sun its a misttranslation. Look up the meaning of solistice it literally means sol=sun stice=still, or an eclipse. Im not amking this up. The galatic alignmet is happening soon but so waht. The milky way and earth are always moving there are always alignments iwht something somewhere. If i walk down the street i align with the bus stop or sign in front of the shop, so what... We had the change of times when jesus was supposedly born in 0BC when we entered the age of pisces from the aires, which is why Judaism features rams so prominently. The previous way was Taurus which is what the golden calf story is about. The calf represents the previous system or religion, jesus is so fish, and fisherman focused and xians use the fish symbol because we just finished the age of pisces.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    DEMONS and world leaders being fooled by DEMONS as well as 'experts' fooled by DEMONS, the 6 oclock news run by DEMONS.

    Unless perhaps they land, Mars attacks style and start vaporizing bethelites in new york...then it will be APOSTATES dressed as aliens doing SATANS work...

    did i mention satan and demons?


  • mP


    Are you talking about the Melbourne Demons, i personally dont worry coz they are in Melb.

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