Your thoughts on these clearly explained ideas for curing cancer?

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  • Fernando

    Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

  • clarity

    Fernando ...thanks for posting that video.

    Very informative .....I say never give up....

    what he says makes sense to me as I believe the natural way is superior to all the drugging & radiation.


  • talesin

    I LOVE what he said at the end, about looking to such messed-up people to guide us in our health care. Our way of seeing the medical profession really needs to be adjusted.


  • talesin

    I've thought about this a lot, not in the specific ways he speaks about, but how the body renews itself, and also that nature has many cures which we now ignore due to the religion of capitalism (ie, big pharma, etc.).

    I know there will likely be rude scoffers on this thread, but frankly, who cares? So I will say what I REALLY think.

    There is a lot of merit to the acid/alkaline info. I'm not familiar with its effects on cancer, but I do know it greatly changes one's health if there is too much acidity in the system.

    The sea salt thing is true ,,,, AND if we do not eat any processed foods (that would be me!), we do need about 1/2 tsp. of salt per day -- sea salt.

    Also, this was something I found very interesting .....

    Back in the 80s, there was a docudrama made about a woman who was given months to live (she lived in New England), and was riddled with tumours - if memory serves me, it was liver cancer.

    The doctors sent her home to die. She thought - what do I have to lose? and delved deeply into visualization as a healing technique. She visualized the cancer as a tree that had roots all through her body ,, and worked on killing those roots ,,, with her mind.

    Long story short, after some time, she went back to the doctors, and was cancer-free. They could not explain it.

    I do not know the name of the story, but it is documented in a book, and is not a hoax.

    It sure makes ya think, huh?


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    OMG! This was hilarious! I hope you meant this as a spoof Fernando. He said so many ridiculous things, anyone who has taken Biology 101, Chemistry 101, or Genetics 101 can easily spot them.

    Note: "Cancer" is simply cell super-reproduction. DNA mutates, and the cells start reproducing at accelerated rates, which causes cancerous growths. We now know that there is no one form of cancer because researchers have mapped many of their DNA, and they can point to the precise location of the mutation.

    This quacks recommendations?

    #1: Change the PH balance. Yet changing the PH balance does not change DNA. Epic fail!

    #2: Oxygenate the blood. Yet..again..oxygenating the blood does not change the DNA. Epic fail!

    #3: Vitamin C. A good antioxidant, but it does not change DNA. Epic fail!

    #4: Vitamin E. Another good antioxidant, but it does not change DNA. Epic fail!

    #5: Then he goes off on this weird thing about salt. Granted, I prefer sea salt, but this guy says that table salt is "part glass and sand" and the sand supposedly gets into the bloodstream and injures the arteries. LOL! And just how does the sand get reduced into a particles small enough to cross from the intestines into the blood stream? ROTGLMAO!!

    #6: And then, he spews this crap about doctors' average lifespan being only 50 something years; if they can't heal themselves, how can they help us? Utter nonsense!


    Maverick veterinarian Joel Wallach is selling video and audio tapes titled Dead Doctors Don't Lie! proclaiming that physicians have a life expectancy of only 58 years. This sends the message that doctors are so wrongheaded that they themselves live significantly shorter lives than the general population. It is not clear where Wallach gets his data, but it is a lie.

    Physicians have long had life expectancies that are longer than the general population. Goodman [1] reviewed reports on physician life expectancies in 1925, 1938-42, 1949-51, and 1971. His study covered the 1971 population of 344,823 physicians, and the deaths of 19,086 from 1969 through 1973. He found that both male and female physicians had greater life expectancy than the general population.

    The American Medical Association's Center For Health Care Policy published data on the life expectancies of U.S. medical graduate physicians by specialty in 1988. [2] It showed that the life expectancy of physicians is somewhere between 75 and 88, depending upon the age and gender that one chooses.

    Wallach also claims to have been nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1991. According to the Nobel Committee, this would be impossible for him to know because the names of nominees are confidential. Wallach could have been "nominated" by himself or one of his admirers, but that would not make him a serious candidate. The Nobel Committee denies that Wallach has ever been a legitimate Nobel Prize nominee. NCAHF has been aware of Wallach's activities for many years. In the early 1980s Wallach worked out of the Northcoast Naturopathic Clinic at Cannon Beach, Oregon, where he practiced as a "Manner Metabolic Physician." This designation meant that he dispensed a the unapproved cancer therapy centered around laetrile (cyanide derived from apricot pits).

    Citations. 1) Goodman, "Longevity and mortality of American physicians, 1969-73," MMFQ Summer, 1975:353-75; 2) "Expected life and work life of active USMG physicians" in Physician Supply & Utilization By Specialty, AMA, 1988; 3) FDA Enforcement Report, 10/4/89.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    As expected, a quick search of the internet finds others who point out the flaws in his cures.

    I don’t want to spend any time on most of it, as this would be unhealthy. But a couple of parts of it are so egregious that I just can’t help myself. Someone is wrong on the internet. So these are not his only problems, just the ones that made my brain bleed. 1) Around 2 minutes he starts talking about blood oxygenation as therapy:

    A great friend of mine Dr Martin in Germany, he is using an oxygen step therapy, for example, where you take the blood out, it gets ionized oxygen, that you lead the blood back in. And you do this 12 times, and basically you have brand new blood, like a newborn baby. So you already eliminated the lack of oxygen. And you see the blood coming out looks like black. They put the oxygen in and it becomes pink. And it’s like legal doping. You get it, and you feel so energized. There are several issues here, the first being “ionized oxygen”.

    He is non-specific about the kind of ion he’s making with his oxygen, but there are not many choices if we are talking about oxygen that isn’t in some kind of compound. Superoxide is the most common and the most biologically relevant form in animals. It’s a metabolic waste product that forms during respiration. It also happens to be a really potent mutagen and knockouts of the enzyme that we use to destroy superoxide are uniformly unhealthy mice/flies/yeast/whatevers as a result. But hey, no, “ionized oxygen” sounds totally health-inducing.

    My second beef with this section is this “blood of a newborn”. Apart from being short on antibodies of their own and way tweaked out with growth factors, the main way that newborn blood differs from adult blood is the absence of adult hemoglobin. Instead they have the fetal form, which binds oxygen a little more tightly. (Don’t try this at home. Seriously.) This is really only useful if you need to strip oxygen from a relatively oxygen-poor environment (say, mother’s bloodstream), as it also limits the ability of your blood to give up that oxygen to the rest of your body. Of course, the fetal form is also better than nothing, so switching a patient to the fetal form is sometimes done to treat sickle-cell disease. So it is *possible* to give someone blood more like a newborn’s- but not by dumping oxygen into them. It’s done with drugs (chemicals!). Last, there is a cute little sleight of hand going on here that is a large part of why it is so goddamned important for people to learn basic chemistry. They take venous blood (unless the phlebotomist is crazy) which is oxygen poor before it passes by the heart and reaches the lungs. They then dope it up with oxygen. (It’s a miracle! It turned red!) Then they pump it back in. This is what your lungs are for.

    2) So that had me worked up a bit. Then around 4:45 he gets to talking about salt: The problem is, they are talking about table salt. Very often table salt is 1/3 glass, 1/3 sand, and 1/3 salt. So the glass and the sand come scratching the arteries and they start to bleed. I’m going to set aside the blood-pressure nonsense that he’s spouting here and deal simply with his ideas about the composition of table salt.

    First, I just want to point out that if there were glass and sand particles in your salt that were big enough to be scratching your arteries, this would imply that particles of that size had crossed the intestinal wall. Good luck figuring out how that could happen at all, let alone happen without hemorrhaging in the intestines (unless you think that’s a common feature of hypertensive patients?) But biology aside, if he were somehow right about the composition of table salt including 1/3 sand and 1/3 glass, this is an ostensibly testable claim. In fact, this is one that you can try yourself at home! Get yourself a couple of glasses(first clue?), some salt, some sand and some glass beads. Fill them up with clean water (not all the way) and add 3 teaspoons of salt to one. Add 1 teaspoon of sand and one of glass (you can do this by weight if you think that’s how he means the divisions) to the other cup. Stir them both up a bit until it looks like nothing more will dissolve. Pour out the liquid (carefully so that you don’t lose anything that was undissolved. If this guy has things right, at least as much undissolved material will remain in the 3/3 salt cup (which, according to him contains 1/3 glass and 1/3 sand) as in the 1/3 glass, 1/3 sand cup.

    One last thought: So, if you look at the facts and if you look what they know what they don’t know, you know that Dr. Gary Null stated that, a lot of other people, the medical profession, medical doctor statistically have the shortest life span of 56 years of age. The highest abuse rate of alcohol and drugs. The highest suicide rate, only the psychiatrist is higher. And, you go to somebody that has a lowest life span, highest suicide rate, highest drug abuse rate, to ask them how to have a healthy happy long life. I think we should rethink our way of thinking. I can’t believe I’m about to defend M.D.s in general here, but I have to say that if I were a doctor and I had a patient come to me with goiter because some jackass told him that his table salt was full of glass? I’d drink, too.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I beleive that the drug companies don't hold all the answers, but I don't dismiss them either. Although profit is the obvious M.O.

  • snare&racket

    You realise he is talking garbage...

    Literally what he is saying is not only wrong in terms of basic science..... it is mental! He has written no scientific papers, just his own books. HE says he heels via 'God' in his book and despite modern medicine being EVIDENCE based medicine, he has his own idea... instinct based medicine.

    This man is DANGEROUS.

    Cancer is not one disease, it is several. There are MANY malfunctions that lead to many different cancers,

    As for NATURAL healing, drugs are NATURAL. Radiation is NATURAL. Cancer is NATURAL. Cancer is a result of evolution, mutations in genes. This is what makes us individuals and what allows evolution, but has a down side... cancer. The very same process renews your cells so that every 10 years you are a complete new YOU. However when this goes wrong = cancer. All cancer is, is cells replicating to often and then forming a mass. This mass then squashes important organs and blood vessels etc. Cancer also can damage the organ it arises in and obviously cancers can spread.

    This is PURE quackery. Pharmaceuticals dont have all the answers, just as nobody does. But the same chemical process goes on whether you buy a drug from a pharmacy as chewing a leaf, only from a pharmacy there is a specific dose, its regulated and its designed to take the drug to the right area of the body.

    Dont take my word for it, but before you give this guy money, go and buy "BIOLOGY" by Campbell and Reece and you can see for yourself how confused this man is. ITs like hearing a mechanic sell a cure for engine failure, and at the start of his conversation saying "engines need fuel, fuel is carbon based remains from dinosaurs... by putting this T-rex tooth on your dashboard your car will feel more at ease with the fuel that flows through its system...."

    What a bag of cocks.

    Snare x

  • snare&racket

    Watched it again....

    Did he just say chlorophyll gives you oxygen ?


    This guy in he video does not say what he is a doctor in and where he got his doctorate. He is not a medical doctor and you can only get a phD if you publish a paper, he has not.

  • VIII


    Why do people want to believe this kind of stuff?

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