2012 District Convention: Talk re: DVD release

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Other than Sparlock, this DA sounds like a typical snooze fest

  • MrFreeze

    No thanks, I think I'd rather pry off my fingernails than listen to any of this anymore.

  • steve2

    Perhaps I need to develop more empathy, but I don't understand why anyone who "sees through" the Watchtower's delusional belief system would ever chose to sit through days of convention talks. Given that the Watchtower literature is increasingly reactive, if not overly bland and repetitive, what would the listener hope to gain? I'm willing to listen to people's replies to gain understanding of this strange passtime.

  • shamus100

    Why is this awesome?

    We have the drama here!!! >:O Is there any greater hell than a JW District Convention drama? ** vomits **

  • HintOfLime

    "Inculcate God's Word in Little Hearts"

    Originally the title was "Indoctrinate God's word into Little Hearts" (*cough*our word*cough), but after discussion they found a more obscure word to say it with that had a nicer sound to it.

    - Lime

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    @ Steve: I only go to these zombifying snooze fests because I'm still “keeping up appearances” to remain in good standing with my family; I hate it but, until I'm brave enough to walk away, I gotta go.

    Gawd I hate con-ventions and ass-em-bleeds; I can barely tolerate an hour of this shit let alone a day or more.

    This year I'm going stag; I'll be staying with my sister and since she lives in the convention city and her convention (the one my Mom will also be attending) is the weekend before I'm going to get ready, leave her house on time and then just go do something else all day. I only plan on showing up for the baptism (to see if anyone I know is getting flea dipped, because I'll be asked) and just in time to pick up the new releases so the fam is thrown off the scent of me not actually attending.

  • Sulla

    You're the man. Be the man. Here's what the man says: "I ain't goin' to the convention." Boom. Here's what else he says: "No, I don't know who got baptised because I did not go to the convention. Now, make me a sammich." Hope this helps.

  • Magwitch

    Thank you so much for the links. I should have enough listening material to cure my insomnia for a few weeks.

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