Nephew Readying for Harvard

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  • snowbird

    A little update:

    My oldest daughter, never a JW, ran into an elder from my nephew's congregation today.

    He told her that he's VERY proud of my nephew and regrets that he didn't go farther with his education.

    The elder has a bachelor's degree, but still has trouble finding a decent job.

  • Kudra

    This is such great news for your nephew.

    My (formal) education is quickly coming to a close and I have loved every minute of it. Even though it was delayed by my years as a JW, that was fine as I was more mature when I started...

    He will have such a wonderful time -ones who have the priviledge of higher education have such an amazing gift in their hands. I really hope he gets all he can out of it.

  • snowbird

    I'm sure he will.


    Nota bene: That particular elder was NOT one of those who advised my nephew to refuse the offer.

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