Paradise earth doctrine - did it strike anyone else as a bit odd?

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  • John_Mann

    The great great gap in this doctrine it's about the animals. Will they have everlasting life too? And about the insects?

    Another gap it's about the death itself. As death being eliminated automatically every living being would be immortal. Are there death levels or "classes" too? Are the bible making a reference just to the adamic death?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I didn't see it as any better or worse than a concept of hanging out in the heavens, doing......nothing.

  • MrFreeze

    It does seem, when one first has doubts, that the questions we ask are out of the ordinary. Since nobody else seems to be asking these questions, maybe I'm the one with the problem and not the doctrine. It is a big moment when you realize many others have asked these logical questions. To me, once you see that you are not alone, you begin the exit.

  • 00DAD

    I liked the idea. I love travel, nature and exploring the many wonders of this planet. The idea that we could have a world with no more wars, crime or violence was very appealing to me. That's why I fell for it.

    Too bad it was a bunch of lies told by a bunch of lying liars.

    It's funny, the relationship between an individual and the WTBTS looks and feels a lot like a business relationship: they make promises in exchange for you signing up and becoming a member. (Ok, I know that theoretically it is "Jehovah" that made the promises, but they claim to be his "Spokesmen" here on earth and I never heard God talk to me but I did her them!)

    A promise for a promise. A contract.

    Now I made good on my promise: I got baptized and went a-preaching.

    They have yet to make good on their promise.

    In Contract Law this is called Breach of Promise and automatically voids the contractual obligations. If it can be established that either party made promises that it had no intention of fulfilling or was never capable of fulfilling then those promises made were fraudulent. Clearly, the WTBTS is guilty of FRAUD.

    Unfortunately, they are exempt from criminal and/or civil prosecution under US Law. Ironically, the leadership of the WTBTS should all be disfellowshipped for their fraudulent claims. But of course they give themselves a pass because that is what lying liars, frauds and conmen do.

    I've lost my faith in God as a result of their betrayal and lies. But some days I still hope there is a God. Mostly because I want him to make him pay for their crimes.

    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of [the] living God. - Hebrews 10:31

  • wasblind

    The sister who studied wit me, stated something about no sex in paradise

    So I'm thinkin' paradise ain't paradise after all, it's gonna be meatless all way round

    jus' sayin'

  • wasblind


    I can understand that, what I get from the Bible is that

    Hananiah the false prophet, like the WTS, caused folks to believe

    in a falsehood, which may have turned some from God

    because of the lies he ( The WTS ) told

    I don't blame folks for feelin' like they do, especially when I look

    at who ( The WTS ) caused it

    The WTS left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people who have been harmed

    and harmed severly

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    I was always told that we'd have to learn Hebrew in the new order and speak it as a first language, since all non-Hebrew languages originated from the Tower of Babel, and thus, false religion. If only I could Hebraise the Malvinas into a Hebrew word and go over there, tear down the Union Jack and raise the royal standard of Jehovah!

    ¬° Las Malvinas son de Jehov√°!

    Maybe Jehovah might want to keep the internet up since it would aid in our language courses.

  • MrFreeze

    Wait, we would be forced to have to learn a new language? Paradise earth sounds worse and worse by the day.

  • sseveninches

    I've always thought that it wouldn't be possible for me to completely understand it, being an imperfect being living a non-eternal life. But somethings that should be adding up, don't. I never realized that the Bible doesn't refer to a "paradise earth" explicitly. There are more suggestions that the earth will soon end than the opposite. And out of all the places where the Bible is describing a long period of time, "time indefinite" is the phrase that is used maybe 99% of the time, and even a CO said that "time indefinite" does not mean forever. It just means that the end of such a time is not given.

  • wasblind

    Not havin' a decent Ham sandwich is one of the things that don't add up for me

    scince I ain't no prophet, I'll have to place a bet wit' my last dollar

    That the KH I used to attend gonna be hard pressed gettin' into paradise

    That crew won't Vegetarian , they were flesh strippin' Pirranah

    Like somebody else I know

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