If Sparlock is wrong...

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Has anyone ever seen a garden gnome on a JW property?

    I never have. My parents treated them as Sparlock Class.

  • TD
    Macbeth by Shakespeare.

    Arrgghh. How could I forget Shakespeare? We could add Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales to the list as well.

  • wasblind

    What is a witness to do about school assignments based on the classics ?

    Explain to the teacher that these books make Jehovah sad ?

  • j dubb
    j dubb

    If being right means being without you
    I'd rather live a wrong doing life
    The Governing Body says its a shame
    It's a downright disgrace
    Long as I got you by my side
    I don't care what your people say

    But seriously...any science fiction/fantasy that has magical overtones or deals with people or creatures having 'powers' is open to being objectionable.

    Most dubs would not stop their kids from seeing a Superman/Spiderman/Wonder Woman type movie/tv show even though they have powers, because it is not presented as supernatural. Hell, I bet most saw the X-Men movies and don't remember a Wolverine comic was actually pictured in an (actually balanced article with amazingly out of touch and dated examples) 1983 Awake! with the caption 'Many comic books portray sex and the occult.' When the powers start being things like telekinesis, mind reading, remote viewing, or outright magic, this is where many often will draw the line. Although all these were portrayed in the Star Wars films and few dubs refused to see these.

    What happens is amazing inconsistency in what content most judge ok and what isn't.

    Peter Pan ok! a fun, children's fantasy classic (but he flies and theres a fairy)

    Bedknobs & Broomsticks bad! magic!

    Mary Poppins nope! she's a witch!

    Freaky Friday bad! body switching!

    Pete's Dragon ok! a fun, children's fantasy

    The Secret of NIMH hmm...be careful; its not Disney...what does NIMH mean, anyway...better not see it

    The Dark Crystal...Muppets...but foreboding title and sounds magicy...better not go

    Superman ok! he's Superman

    And once in a while...a switcheroo is pulled requiring a walk-out.

    Supergirl go see it! it's like Superman but cuter! AHHH!! MAGIC! WALK OUT! (not to mention JW's are actually cursed at)


    So it often comes down to how its portrayed.

  • EndofMysteries

    Almost every entertainment somebody can find something to be offended by.

    I think the real rationale should be..............most 'magic' in movies and such, even harry potter, is 'fantasy'. No real witches and warlocks can fly, summon fire, do any of that. If anybody could, they would be rich, there are challenges to prove those kind of things and if you can, get over 1 million dollars and they have yet to be rewarded after years. The monsters and everything are also all fake, fantasy.

    There is a difference between that stuff and the real stuff.

    So it watching Cinderella worse then watching "law and order" where you're entertained by the crimes committed against people? the violence? (because I know someone with that line of thinking)

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Black Sheep -

    No never saw a garden gnome on any of the elders' lawns, but we had a very wealthy brother (I think he loaned the money to purchase the Kingdom Hall) had a "lawn jockey." He owned horses and all of the breeders in the area in those days had the infamous LJs down at the end of their driveways.This was in the infamous 1950s and 60s when it was fairly common to see those around.

    I was from a poorer group of JWs. We had pink flamingos along the side of our yard. In the spring we'd put out those mechanical daisys that spun in the wind.


  • j dubb
    j dubb

    I think the real rationale should be..............most 'magic' in movies and such, even harry potter, is 'fantasy'. No real witches and warlocks can fly, summon fire, do any of that.

    OR CAN THEY?!!

  • wasblind

    OMG !!!!! JDubb SANG IT !!!!!! BABY , SANG IT !!!!!!


  • Jeffro

    A few Charles Dickens stories come to mind.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    What would be wrong? EVERYTHING!

    So what would be right? NOTHING!

    And that's the way they want it, because THEY know best.

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