Am I seeing my JW life and exit in context?

by jemba 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • apostatethunder

    Any group that exercises so much control over people is damaging, especially for people that don‘t have the strength or the support to get out. When you realize you were manipulated you tend to feel angry. The more you bought into it, the angrier you will be, it’s the equivalent of realizing your whole life has been about supporting a sham, to advance somebody’s agenda at your expense.

  • criticalwitness

    does the end justify the means? at what cost does org get its results? hitler tried same thing an elite race of healthy well behaved ppl but no one in there right mind would agree with his methods. and i find mostly with the org its just for show or on outside inside most wtnss they have extreme mental emotional problems probably more unstable than your friend and as opposed to dealing with reality and being a productive member of society they just become apart of a big alof tax dodging conglomarate its ok if thats ones choice but this org takes the minds of many young and holds them captive to me thats more deplorable than anything you mentioned your friend has done

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