Has the Creator’s promise changed again?

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  • steve2

    The difficulty with noticing changes in the humble printed word is, you've got to be either able or willing to read the printed word in the first place to even notice a message has changed.

    I'm not so sure that witnesses and their supporters are either able or willing to read - they seem to lack one or the other and sometimes both. And I don't suggest these deficits to mock them; I'm dead serious: Your average JW is simply not a reader.

    Cliches sometimes help: In terms of their misplaced faith in an ever changing message, ignorance is bliss...

  • factfinder

    I don't understand the question.

    The August issue of g on jw.org on page 4 still says: 'that is about to replace the present wicked, lawless system of things.'

    Where on which website do you see something different?

  • slimboyfat

    It's interesting that they changed it from a negative comment about the current system to a positive comment about the new system. I believe the Watchtower leadership were stung by criticism from Russian investigations of their literature using content analysis in the 1990s that showed Watchtower literature was predominantly negative in outlook. Since then I think there has been a conscious effort to tone down descriptions of the current "wicked system" and replace them with more upbeat descriptions of the paradise earth.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    When did the Watchtower and Awake take out the 1914 remarks? The new magazines don't have any information about 1914 and their wording has softened greatly. How do old folks like you feel about this Don? If you were still captive to their concept, would their wording trouble you, or would you consider it as "new light"?

    The watering down of the magazines has some old-timers frustrated, but the newbies are not catching any of the hokus pokus!

    One more thing, how come they never annouced they were changing the second or third page of the Awake? It no longer mention's Christ Ruling since 1914, and some other goodies about Jehovah God! I will compare the older magazines to the older magazines to the new and newer and newest magazines!

  • smiddy

    Don C

    This could be a real good talking point with the next witness that calls on your door , very interesting to see how they respond .


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I did a search on line recently, I think it was the WT August 15 and WT July 1 and Awake July.

    In the WT Aug 15 Guy Pierce mentioned the Great Tribulation, but nowhere in the magazines was the word Armageddon mentioned.

    Perhaps Armageddon has been cancelled.


  • blondie

    The WTS wants to hide their core concept that the future holds the destruction eternally of all non-jws and Satan's "system"

    They bury it in WT Study articles though.

    *** w11 1/15 pp. 3-4 par. 5 “Take Refuge in the Name of Jehovah” ***Furthermore, the rest of “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion, will be destroyed. Thereafter, the remaining parts of Satan’s wicked system of things will be annihilated. Yet, God’s people as a group will survive because they are taking refuge in Jehovah.—Rev. 7:14; 18:2, 8; 19:19-21.

  • steve2
    Yet, God’s people as a group [emphasis added] will survive because they are taking refuge in Jehovah.—

    This quote from a recent Watchtower - see reference above in Blondie's post - shows that the writers even want to keep the rank and file on edge about whether or not they will survive. Notice the phrasing "Jehovah's people as a group will survive..." This phrasing-caution is not new. I recall old time JWs - among whom I count my maternal and paternal grandparents - quoting excerpts from the then-current literature warning that even among Jehovah's people, not all would make it through the Great Tribulation or Armaggedon or whatever "buzz" word they then had for the "war of the great day of Jehovah". My maternal grandfather would search the eyes of each of his grandchildren listening in full attention to his words as he sought to solicit from us confessions of anything sinful we might have been trying in vain to hide from Jehovah.

    Looking back, he was "simply" doing with practically every other loyal witness was doing: Striving to ensure all those in his trust made it through the end of this wicked system into the next. He was not a hateful man at all, but very loving, so there's nothing to forgive. However, I have no doubt that the impetus for his fear-based "sermons" was the Watchtower's "writing department" that would have known that loyal witnesses would be sensitive to the phrasing of the publications and warned one another accordingly. How revealing that this aspect of the writing-style continues - albeit relatively more muted than in times past.

    Stay on edge, God's people; if you don't, you might not make it - and you wouldn't want that to happen would you?

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