so much for the new web site being up and running in June

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  • wasblind

    Yes LITS,

    I must admit Cedars came to mind as I posted that last thought

    and you bring somethin' else to mind, March 2008 Kingdom Ministry page one


    "4. RESOURCES : We can also give of our material resources to support the preaching work. "

    They also list time and energy as things to give to Jehovah, and that sister had the gall to deny you a request

    after all you and your husband have given ??????

  • respectful_observer

    "As Jehovah’s faithful servants, we patiently await the outworking of His organization’s efforts. For a time some Christians were eager expectation of a ‘New Website’ being firmly established in June, 2012. It is important to note, that although statements may have been made in reference to June, 2012, the faithful and discreet slave’s Governing Body never stated that such a date was definite, only that Christians should ‘keep on the watch’ (Matthew 25:13) during this exciting time.

    Knowing the light of Truth continues to grow ever brighter (Proverbs 4:18), the Governing Body and all faithful Christians, continues to be in eager expectation of the New Website knowing that ‘no one knows the day or the hour.’ (Matthew 24:36) Imagine the joy upon waking to discover the New Website has become a reality! In the meantime, we follow the example of the faithful and discreet slave class and eagerly taking advantage of this time when websites that may appear separate from a human perspective in fact overlap in purpose—offering a single, unified fountain providing waters of truth.

    Let us all loyally take advantage of this never to be repeated time period of overlap, knowing that the time left is reduced! (1 Cor 7:29)”

  • wasblind

    The WTS has a history of expectations

    and these are the folk who predicted the end of the world

    They bad on dates y'all, does 1975 ring a bell

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I forgot to mention that at the District Assembly Saturday afternoon session, when they announced the new DVD, the reception of the audience was lukewarm. It was more like the polite clapping you hear between the symposium talks, rather than the usual excitement when a new release is announced.

    After that underwhelming response to the DVD announcement, instead of a video preview (there was no drop-down screen in this venue), they played that kids song that is on the video - the whole thing. I have to admit that the kids voices were cute, but like all JW songs, it was way too long and extremely boring. I could see that everyone was using the time during the song to pack up and get ready to make a break as soon as the final prayer was over. Again, after the final announcements, polite but lukewarm clapping.

    I hung back to see whether the crush of excited families would push one of the sisters handing out the DVDs over the rail and into the depths below. No such luck. I was somewhat surprised to see that many families didn't even stop to take a DVD but just continued on and down the ramp. The sister in my area looked disappointed that more people weren't pushing and shoving and catching a feel - but barely took notice of her.

    I looked at the main floor and saw the same thing going on. Everyone seemed to be rushing for the exits while the sisters handing out the DVDs just stood there with four or five copies in their hands hoping that someone would ask them for a copy.

    When I finally moved toward the exit I stopped to pick up a copy. I wasn't wearing a tie or a badge, so I figured that I might meet with a little resistance when I asked for one from the sister. I noticed that the first box (they'd stacked two cartons on the floor) was only about 1/2 empty and the other carton was untouched. The sister actually offered me two DVDs and asked if I wanted more when I told her that I would like one for my granddaughters. She seemed to take no note of my lack of proper JW attire.

    Since this was the second DA to be held in the same area in two weeks, I'm wondering if the word got out and many of the attendees had already seen the video and rightly assumed that it was a waste of time and would just clutter up their entertainment center. My guess is that many had already seen the video on YouTube and may have read some of the negative commentary (thanks to Cedars and other the fine exes) on this site and others.

    One other thing I noticed: When the boxes of DVDs were delivered to the distribution locations, the contribution boxes were brought out the same time and placed downwind from each DVD handler. Boxes were positioned about 30 feet apart with a sister sitting next to them. The speaker also took some time to make an announcement that ATMs were available, two on each side of each of the main exits - and that everyone should feel free to use them.

    Earlier, a speaker mentioned that they needed more helpers for the cleanup crews. But I was still surprised to see some brothers carrying brooms into the main floor of the assembly hall while the session was still going on - at the same time that the DVD boxes and contribution boxes were being delivered and set up.

    To me it seemed like the assembly committee was saying, "Get your damn DVD, put your money in the contribution box or ATM, and then get the hell out!" And that's exactly what most of them did. But after sitting there without a break for almost 4 solid hours, I couldn't blame them.

    There wasn't a lot of chit-chat and fellowship going on after the session was over. I didn't hang around for more than ten minutes, but by the time I worked my way out, the parking lots were almost empty.

    When I left I didn't see anyone using the ATMs, and I saw a lot of lonely sisters sitting next to contribution boxes looking like woeful wallflowers at a senior prom.


  • wasblind

    Thank you Juan,

    for the sacrifice you made that day , The society

    can count how many attended, but they can't count

    who's awake

  • kurtbethel

    He said something like "those we meet in our door-to-door service will be less intimidated by the smaller sizes and more likely to read everything in the magazines." We'll see...

    Crap is still crap, and even in smaller portions it is still unappetizing.

  • baltar447

    Great to hear, Juan. Hope the apathy gets deafening.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Well it looks like the three monkeys and a zebra they locked in a room with a computer really dropped the ball on this one.

    Dammit where's jaybooger when ya need him; his holey speared-shit should have possessed that zebra to kick those monkeys asses so we'd have our oven fresh aposta-material by now.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    For anyone interested in a little more commentary RE: Sparlock of Satan, you might check this out. Has some great vids on it...


  • Jim_TX

    Thanks for the info on what went on.

    Ummm... I've been out for a while... a looooong while... am I correct in understanding that they're using 'sisters' to pass out the literature?

    That used to be reserved for the 'brothers'... but again... that was last century.


    Jim TX

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