Caleb's Mom has some serious issues

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  • wasblind

    Mom : How was you day

    Caleb : My friend at school talked about Vampires

    and how they hate the cross and drink blood

    I told him My family hate the cross too, and we

    take blood fractions

    Are we Vampires too Mom ????

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    This one is priceless ( I sat in the office, during the class party, I told the teacher that they would be hung

    or beheaded, for having one. The school psychiatrist wants to speak with you and dad)

    I about spit my coffee out reading it. Thanks for the laugh.


  • jookbeard

    anyone seeing a Chuckie resemblance?

  • wasblind

    Your welcome ((((((( LITS )))))))

    I'm just havin fun wit little caleb, Im sure other posters

    could come up wit better, I'd just love it

    I sure miss Outlaw

  • wasblind

    Sure do JOOK , I see 'em, I know that look

  • snakeface

    You can tell that the mother was born-in.

  • snakeface

    By that (my above comment) I mean, it is obvious she never had the opportunity to have such toys. She has only had what the WT has provided. Therefore it is such a big deal to her.

    Whereas if she had had a "worldly" childhood she would have recalled having many toys herself that the WT would not have approved of.

  • kurtbethel

    Mom : How was your day?

    Caleb : <SHEEPISHLY> I played with Jimmy today.

    Mom : Jimmy? You know he is worldly and a bad association. Does bad association make Jehovah happy, or Saaaaaaaaaaaaad

    Caleb : It makes him sad.

    Mom : So what do you think you should do when Jimmy wants to play again?

    Caleb : I will play all alone. In my room

    Mom : Very good Caleb! I am so proud of you for shunning worldly people!

    Caleb : Mom, is Jimmy's dad worldly?

    Mom : Yes, Caleb.

    Caleb : Then maybe Jehovah will be happy if you stop playing with him. <HANDS HIS MOM A PAIR OF HER OWN PANTIES>

    His mom told me to give these back to you.

  • blond-moment

    I laughed out loud at the "the school psychiatrist wants to see you and dad" lmaooo

  • 00DAD

    Of course she does. She's just mimicking the WTBTS Leadership and they definitely have serious issues.

    It's been said before but it bears repeating: This is a video supposedly designed to give child-rearing advice to parents. The problem is it was conceived, created and produced by a bunch of elderly, uneducated men that live isolated lives far-removed from the realities of modern-day parenting and that--for the most part--have no actual experience raising children of their own.

    There's nothing quite like having someone that has no idea WTF they're talking about telling you how to live your life and how to raise your kids.


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